Calendar of Events
Tues 26 Oct 2010
12:00-1:00 pm &ndash Newell-Simon 3305
Thurs 28 Oct 2010
4:00-5:00 pm&ndash Gates&Hillman 4303
You can arrive late if you have classes, not to worry.

Neural computation is a scientific enterprise to understand the neural basis of intelligent behaviors from a computational perspective. Study in neural computation includes, among others, decoding neural activities or reading the mind using statistical and machine learning techniques and developing computational theories and neural models of perception, cognition, motor control, decision-making and learning. The minor is open to students in any major of any college at Carnegie Mellon. It is jointly sponsored by the School of Computer Science, the Mellon College of Science, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and is coordinated by the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition.