Cameron Riviere

Brief Biography


I go by the name "Cam." I can also remember being called various other names. I was born in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, on April 19, 1968. My family moved to Beeville, Texas six weeks later (my father was a Navy fighter pilot), and then to Virginia Beach, Va., in 1971. I spent my childhood there, and then attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, a.k.a. Virginia Tech, a.k.a. VPI, a.k.a. Tech. There I met a woman named Lisa Conner, who is now my wife. I also did some studying. I then went to Johns Hopkins for graduate school, which I completed on September 2, 1995. I began work at CMU 9 days later.

As for leisure pursuits, I try to maximize my time with Lisa and with Rachel (born in 1995), Laura (1998), Jacob (2001), and Grace (2005).  Beyond that, I also enjoy soccer, racquetball, music (preferably jazz; I play drums, sing, and make laughable attempts at playing various other instruments, mostly piano (I am slowly working my way through the first volume of John Mehegan's jazz piano series)), and reading great literature. On the theory that you are what you read, I offer a list of recent readings for those with a truly unusual degree of interest in what I am writing here.

I am a believer in Jesus as Lord (which makes me inexplicable to some and offensive to some others). Therefore I also enjoy reading and studying the Bible, alone and with others, as well as other Christian fellowship activities. I am a member of Three Rivers Grace Community Church.  At Johns Hopkins I was very active in the grad student chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

I won't bore you with any more details about myself here, but if you want to know--just ask!

Carnegie Mellon Computer ScienceCam.Riviere@cmu.edu