Internet Simulation
Information Needs (Questions)

  1. How heavy is a newborn Asian elephant?

  2. How heavy is an adult male Asian elephant?

  3. How much food does an adult elephant eat?

  4. How heavy is a newborn Giraffe?

  5. How tall is a newborn Giraffe?

  6. How heavy is an adult Giraffe?

  7. How many countries are helping to build the space station?

  8. When did NASA start building the space station?

  9. Who was the first woman to walk in space?

  10. What was the first high school science experiment in space?

  11. When was the Mars Polar Lander spacecraft launched?

  12. What did the Mars Sojurner robot explorer look like?

  13. How many people are there in the United States?

  14. Where can the Liberty Bell be found?

  15. Where was the first battle of the American Revolution?

  16. What were the last two states to join the United States?

  17. What is the capital of California?

  18. How many U.S. Senators does each state have?

  19. Who is the Vice President of the United States

  20. Who is the Attorney General of the United States?

  21. What day was the Declaration of Independence signed?

  22. How many branches of government are there in the U.S.?

  23. Who is the Governor of Pennsylvania?

  24. Which county is Pittsburgh, PA in?

  25. What are the names of the Pennsylvania Senators?

  26. What is the capital of Pennsylvania?

  27. How many counties are in Pennsylvania?

  28. How long is an adult Shark?

  29. How much does a Shark weigh?

  30. How long is a newborn Shark?

  31. How heavy is a big adult whale?

  32. How long is an adult whale?

  33. How long do Penguins live?

  34. What is nickname of Pennsylvania?

  35. What is the state animal of Pennsylvania?

  36. What does the Pennsylvania mean?

  37. Which U.S. president came from Pennsylvania?

  38. Which great lake borders Pennsylvania?

  39. What marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Mexico?

  40. What 3 Christmas decorations do Mexico and America have in common?

  41. What are some traditional Mexican Christmas foods?

  42. What special treat is baked on Three Kings Day in Mexico?

  43. When does the Christmas season end in Mexico?

  44. How much did the original McDonalds hamburger cost?

  45. When was the first McDonalds opened?

  46. What do students say is their favorite school lunch?

  47. When did Hersheys start making Hershey's Kisses?

  48. Which country invented the hamburger?

  49. How many states does Mexico have?

  50. Who is the president of Mexico?

  51. What is Mexico's full name?

  52. What day did Mexico achieve independence from Spain?

  53. How many branches of government are there in Mexico?

Updated March 1, 2000.   © Copyright 2000, Carnegie Mellon University.