CADE-17   Carnegie Mellon University - School of Computer Science


Michael Kohlhase, Tutorial Chair

Tutorials will be held Friday, June 16 and the afternoon of Tuesday, June 20. Tutorials will be Wean Hall, rather than the University Center. Directions and handouts can be obtained in the 5th floor lobby of Wean Hall.

Breaks and lunch on workshop and tutorials days will be in the 5th floor lobby of Wean Hall (main entrance).

Tutorials are free! Nonetheless, you should register for tutorials together with your regular CADE registration so we can produce the right number of copies for tutorial notes and reserve adequate rooms.

Friday, June 16, Morning

T3 Automated Deduction and Natural Language Understanding
  Stephen Pulman, Cambridge University
  Wean Hall 5409 B

Friday, June 16, Afternoon

T4 Using TPS for Higher-Order Theorem Proving and ETPS for Teaching Logic
  Peter Andrews and Chad Brown, Carnegie Mellon University
  Wean Hall 5419 D

Tuesday, June 20, Afternoon

T1 Model Checking and Program Analysis
  Andreas Podelski, MPI Informatik, Saarbrücken
  Wean Hall 7500
T2 Metalogical Frameworks
  Carsten Schürmann, Carnegie Mellon University
  Wean Hall 4625

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