My current research focus is in performance modeling within DBMS. While at CMU I have concentrated on priority-scheduling of OLTP transacitons on single-server DBMS, with a central focus on lock scheduling. My thesis work is on dynamic run time scheduling of transactions in a distributed DBMS setting.

I tend to be interested in a great many topics in computer science. At various points in my career, I've studied:

Publications -- 2004-2005

Publications -- 2001

Publications -- 2000


PhD Candidate

Sept 2001 to present

Working with Professors Mor Harchol-Balter (Advisor) and Natassia Ailamaki, applying queueing and scheduling theory to database systems. My research focuses on resource-aware query processing techniques in Single-Server, Federated, and Parallel DBMS, to achieve performance improvements and to enable new features and applications.

Research Assistant

GICL Group, Drexel University

July 1999 to 2001

While working on the HUBS IPng research project, developed a number of network performance evaluation programs for UNIX and Windows to aid in the evaluation of IP-Quality-Of-Service tools for Linux routers, over wired and wireless ethernet and point-to-point satellite networks. Additionally, provided technical support and administration of the network hardware.

Research Assistant

PSEWare Group, Drexel University

August 1998 to 2001

Assisted in the development of software to visualize three dimensional curves and surfaces including elliptic functions, integrals, and solitons. Assisted in the deployment and development of software packages for the group's use.

Computer Programmer

Cross Current Corp., Lambertville NJ

May 1998 to September 1998, May 1999 to August 1999

Fixed bugs for and incorporated database consistency checking and repair to a popular Windows NT computer aided dispatch (CAD) package from Unisys. Subcontracted to Aetna US Healthcare to develop and implement a test suite for a WWW-based database access and manipulation application ("black box" testing). Developed a program for tracking, logging, and analyzing radio traffic for Deleware County.

Assistant Quality Assurance Engineer

Franklin Electronics, Burlington, NJ

August 1996 to May 1998

Performed data manipulation and developed development environments for use in an automated quality assurance environment. Developed techniques to interface automated test code into numerous software/hardware simulation packages, including GNU GDB and several proprietary simulators. Developed testing mechanisms for new microprocessor hardware and techniques to improve existing testing tools' simulation speed and accuracy. Designed a bug tracking database and associated interface application in TCL and (in future revisions) Java.