Bob Daugherty

by Bruce Leverett

Bob Daugherty died on April 18, 1996, at the age of 49.  Bob was treasurer of
the Club for several years, ending in 1989.  As a member of the board in those
years, I recall that Bob's experience as an accountant was very helpful to us.

I also knew Bob through another group, BOLD (Blind Outdoor Leisure Development),
which organizes skiing, hiking, water skiing, and other activities for blind
people and guides.  This was an odd choice for Bob since his poor health kept
him from participating in this kind of recreation.  But he was treasurer of
BOLD too.

Bob introduced many people to chess.  Among others, Jason Maruccio and Bob
Pennington have told me that he played a major role in their early years in
chess.  Jason recalls being impressed by Bob's use of a "braille" chess set.
Bob played in the Pittsburgh Chess League, most recently for the Pittsburgh
Pawns team.

Bob had a wry sense of humor.  Driving through Dormont the other day, I stopped
at the light at Potomac and West Liberty.  As I listened to its "cuckoo" sound,
I remembered that this beeper had been installed at Bob's request.  In a
humorous way, it is a memorial to Bob.  He would have appreciated it!