Dushyanth Narayanan: Research

I am currently at Microsoft Research Cambridge, United Kingdom. Current information about my research is on my Microsoft Research web page

I got my Ph.D. from the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University , working on the Odyssey and Aura projects with my advisor Satya.

My thesis work was on operating systems support for mobile interactive applications. The key feature of this support is automatic decision-making for multi-fidelity applications. Such applications can vary their fidelity and hence their resource usage; the multi-fidelity runtime layer makes fidelity decisions on their behalf, to keep latency bounded. The multi-fidelity API requires minimal modification of application source, and the system has been validated with several applications including virtual reality walkthrough, speech recognition, and web browsing.

Dissertation (PostScript,PDF)

Thesis defense (HTML,PowerPoint)

Thesis proposal (PostScript,PDF,Presentation)