computer tips: stuff i use all the time


  • scp [source] [target]; remote file is of the form: [user]\@[host]:[path]
  • latex processing

  • /bin/rm [fname].[dvi|ps|aux|bbl]
  • latex [fname].tex (produces [fname].dvi)
  • dvips -f < [fname].dvi >! [] (produces ps)
  • dvips -Ppdf -GO [fname].dvi -o [fname].ps (produces ps w/embedded fonts)
  • ps2pdf -dMaxSubsetPct=100 -dCompatibilityLevel=1.2 -dSubsetFonts=true -dEmbedAllFonts=true [fname].ps (produces pdf)
  • win

  • grab from cmd window: copy enter
  • vmware (wins, emulating linux)

  • to quit virtual machine, alt-ctrl
  • networking

  • linux
  • /sbin/ifconfig (network configurations)
  • win
  • ipconfig (from cmd window)
  • emacs

  • shell
  • Esc-p for previous command
  • dired
  • %m (mark files w/regexpr)
  • L (load these files)
  • Q (query replace these files)
  • E (grep these files)
  • At ILKD

  • HowTo [rechner|printers|blah] (locates commands, resources, etc)
  • vncviewer (runs off vncserver; win->xwin interface)
  • whatami (all about machine)
  • lw5[ds] (1 or 2-sided LP) / hpcm (color)
  • Compression

  • zip/unzip works w/WinZip:
  • zip -r [blah].zip [fileList] (recursive packaging)
  • unzip [blah].zip -d [targetDir] (will unpackage recursive zip files)
  • ThinkPad 23

  • Using USB keyboard/mouse interface (IOGear GUC100KM):
  • linux/win O/S select: onboard keyboard; win profile select: USB should work (else reboot)
  • how to use trackpoint and ps/2 mouse simultaneously???
  • 2-button mice & linux

    To paste you normally use middle button (often emulated on 2-button mice by pressing both buttons simultaneously) or shift-insert. To copy you normally just select text with button1. However, in order for this to work between a vmware session and other X windows, you have to be running vmware tools in the vmware guest.


    finding files

    printing all files which contain in their name: find -name -print


    fstab is read by mount command. must first unmount, e.g., umount [/documents]; mount [/documents]

    finding out your user id: /usr/bin/id

    Belinda Thom
    Last modified: Thu May 2 09:14:04 EDT 2002