11. Credits

The version of this page found at http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~brians/comp/bbs/Ifmail-HOWTO.html is based on the version found at http://www.z2.fidonet.org/ifmail-tx/ifmail-HOWTO (actually, I'm not sure where I got my original document from, as www.z2.fidonet.org was down when I made this) The people responsible for the original, russian version of this document are (I think) Ilgiz Kalmetev and Alexey Mahotkin.

The following people helped with their comments and improvements to
write this HOWTO:

roland @ spinnsker.rhein.be (Roland Rosenfeld) 2:2450/111.13
Armageddon @ icemans.ndh.com (Oliver Much) 2:2453/690.12	
andij @ andi.tricbbs.fn.sub.org/ (Andreas Jellinghaus)
uli @ corno.cologne.de/ (Ulrich Villers) 2:2450/115.3
martin @ erde.GUN.de/ (Martin Seine) 2:2448/413.100
piet @ smallchange.rhein.de/ (Peter Theisohn) 2:2450/30
mg @ genyosha.in-chemnitz.de/ (Mike Gaertner) 2:249/5060.17
srtxg @ chanae.alphanet.ch/ (Pablo Saratxaga) 2:293/2219
Todd Burroughs 1:259/604

If you have any contributions or error-reports then send them to me