FDM instructions

Contributed by Lillian Chang

Set up FDM

Generate Job File

    1. Load your STL file (generate with minimum chord length and arc control set to 1.0)
    2. Orient the part as desired (figure 1)
    3. Generate the part slices and model tool paths and support material tool paths (figure 2)
    4. Repeate 1 for each file
    5. On last part, send it to the FDM software (figure 3)
    6. Position the parts in the bottom left hand corner
    7. Add additional parts or copies as desired (figure 4)
1. In Insight position  your STL file
2. In run the 'slice-n-dice' process
3. When generated last part, send it to the FDM program
4. Add as many parts/copies/extras that you need
5. Send it all to the FDM machine

Check status of FDM

Homing FDM Machine

Retrieving Your Job

Last updated August 16, 2004