Robotics Institute Machine Shop

Welcome to the RI machine shop web page. This is the web page for the RI machine shop, a resource of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. The RI machine shop may be used only by qualified users or under the supervision of someone who is a qualified RI machine shop user. In order to pay for maintenance etc, usage of the machine shop will be charged at $10/hour to your project.


The machine shop is located in the Newell Simon Building, in room NSH-1401, next to the high-bay area.
phone: 412 268-8668 (from within CMU it is x8-8668)

Contact Information & Mailing Lists:

For any difficulties in the machine shop, or for information on courses etc contact the machineshop administrators via email at:
machineshop (at)
There is a general user mailing list for the machine shop:
machineshop-users (at)

Shop Rules:

The machine shop rules are fairly straightforward and are for your protection and the protection of the machines. Click on the links below to see the rules.

Course Information:

We run regular qualification courses for the machine shop. Information about these courses will appear shortly.
Still under construction....


The RI Machine shop contains a range of equipment and tools. The list of tools includes:

Machining Links

We have a range of machining resources. Just click on the title to be taken to the web page.

Other CMU Machine Shops

For those that don't have the time or skills to do it themselves, there are a number of other machine shops on campus. All of these shops can make parts from a dimensioned drawing, and can provide estimates in advance. The machine shops are:
ECE Machine Shop, HH A108
Jim Schubert, Shop Foreman x8-2505

Mech-E Machine Shop, HH C124
Jim Dillinger, Shop Foreman x8-2516, x8-2515

Chem-E Machine Shop, DH B211
Shop Foreman x8-2817
For any additions or corrections to this page please contact the machine shop administrator group: machineshop (at)