Curriculum Vitae
Tel. (412) 855-8780, Email:

The Technology Collaborative: $199,870, 6/06-5/07, Role: PI (Intrigue Technologies, Inc.)
    "RoboRetina®: Illumination-Invariant Image Processor for Security and Robotics Applications"

The Technology Collaborative: $199,870, 1/05-12/05, Role: PI (Intrigue Technologies, Inc.)
    "Ultra-Fast 3D Imaging Camera for Demanding Price/Performance Applications"

National Science Foundation: SBIR Phase II $499,995, 1/05-12/06, Role: PI (Intrigue Technologies, Inc.)
    "A Reflectance Sensitive Retina"

National Science Foundation: SBIR Phase I $100,000, 1/04-6/04, Role: PI (Intrigue Technologies, Inc.)
    "A Reflectance Sensitive Retina"

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse: $100,000, 9/03-8/04, Role: Co-PI (PI: Daniel Parvod, The Western Pennsylvania Hospital)
    "Patient Contour Measurement System for Radiotherapy"

National Science Foundation: $400,000, 9/01-8/04, Role: Co-PI (PI: Martial Hebert)
    "Capturing and Interpreting Dynamic 3D Scenes"

National Science Foundation: $335,000, 9/00-8/03, Role: PI
    "Sensory Level Computation and Information Encoding for Robust Imaging"

ABB Group: $230,000, 6/99-5/01, Role: PI
    "Ultra fast Range Imaging Sensor"

Office of Naval Research: $5,000,000, 10/95-9/00. Role: Co-PI (PI: Takeo Kanade)
    "Integrated Vision and Sensing for Human Sensory Augmentation"



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Aleksandar Veselinovic, M.S. Student Robotics., Aug. 2002.
Junichi Furukawa, M.S. Student ECE, 2002-2003.
Dr. Nebojsa Jankovic, Visiting Scientist, University of Nis, Yugoslavia, 1999-2000.
Kenichi Mori, Visiting Researcher, Fuji Electric Co., Japan, 1999-2001.

Dr. Volker Gengenbach, Visiting Scientist, from Fraunhofer Institute, Germany,1997-1998.
Takaya Kinjo, Visiting Researcher, Secom Co., Japan, 1998-1999.
Eleven undergraduate summer interns since 1997.

Other Educational Activities:
Grand Awards
Judge for Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).  May 13-14, 2003, Cleveland, OH
Coached a team of 8th graders for the “Let’s Get Real” statewide competition
(teacher: Mrs. Judy  Morgan, Baldwin School District, PA).
        The children won the second place at the state level in the class including high school students. 2001.
Organized a visit and live robotic demonstration for the class of 5th graders at Markham Elementary School, Mt. Lebanon, 1998.


Faculty Senate Member, 1996-1998

Chaired Robotics Institute Seminar Committee, 1997-1998

Faculty Member of VASC Retreat Committee, 2000

Faculty Member of VASC Facilities Committee, 2000-Present

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