Benedikt Boecking

I am a first year PhD student in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Artur Dubrawski. My current research interests and projects are in active learning, semi-supervised clustering, and time series analysis. From 2014 to 2018 I worked on algorithms, tools, and data analysis to help fight sex trafficking using deep web and dark web data. I was one of the core developers of Traffick Jam, a tool developed at the Auton Lab at Carnegie Mellon University to combat sex trafficking online. The tool is now fielded by Marinus Analytics.

You can contact me at: boecking at -nospam-


Uber Presidential Fellowship, Carnegie Mellon University, 2018.

Best Paper Award at IPP 2014, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.


Líderes en vía de extinción. A data-driven journalistic investigation into killings of social leaders in Colombia, together with Maria De-Arteaga and CONNECTAS, published in El País in Colombia. Read the article here.



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Nagpal, C., Miller, K., Boecking, B., & Dubrawski, A. (2017). An Entity Resolution approach to isolate instances of Human Trafficking online. Paper presented at the 3rd Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text (W-NUT) at EMNLP 2017, Copenhagen.


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