Reference Shelf

The following document sets are available for viewing online while you participate. If you prefer to work offline, please see the Download Library.


The complete text of cases handled by the NSPE Board of Ethical Review, presented with cross references to cited codes and cases.


Sample transcriptions of some of the NSPE cases. These transcripts are done in the style necessary for this exercise. Each transcript is presented with its associated case.


Ethical guidelines used by the NSPE Board of Ethical Review. Three sets of codes are available, which cover three distinct ranges of dates.

Fact Primitives

A list of the fact primitives that are used to link the actors and objects together in the case transcripts.

Actor & Object Types

A cross-referenced list of the actor and object types used while transcribing the engineering ethics scenarios.

Time Qualifiers

These qualifiers are used in transcripts to indicate how the facts in the chronology relate to each other in time.

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