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Protein protein interaction in G-protein coupled receptors: Shank/ProSAP proteins 

see review by Kreienkamp 2002

- shank proteins (also termed somatostatin receptor interacting proteins SSTRIP or proline-rich SAP ProSAP) have the ability to provide a scaffold for several neurotransmitter receptor complexes, including NMDA receptors for glutamate

- shank/ProSAP proteins consist of  several ankyrin repeats, an SH3 domain, a PDZ domain, a long proline-rich domain and a SAM domain

    - proline-0rich part contains a homer ligand motif, enabling binding of a homer-mGluR complex

    - PDZ domain binds to the C0terminus of GKAP;/SAPAP, linking the mGluR complex to the NMDA receptor\-PSD-95complex

    - PDZ domain binds to C-terminus of somatostatin sst2 receptor, CIRL receptor and mGluRs

    - shank/ProSAPs have mutliple attachment points for these receptor complexes to actin-based cytoskeleton via interaction with actin-binding proteins cortactin (which binds to Pro-rich region of shank/ProSAP) and fodrin (interaction wtih N0terminal ankyrin repeat)