August 2017 Our preprint "Retrofitting Distributional Embeddings to Knowledge Graphs with Functional Relations" is available on ArXiv.
July 2017 Visual Explanations for Convolutional Neural Networks via Input Resampling has been accepted to ICML Workshop on Visualization for Deep Learning.
May 2017 Starting my internship at Roam in San Mateo, CA.
March 2017 Attending ENAR in Washington, DC.
February 2017 Presenting "Improving the Accuracy of GWAS" at the Pittsburgh Center for Drug Abuse Research.
Oct 2016 GenAMap has been accepted to the NSF I-Corps Fall 2016 cohort.
Oct 2016 Presenting GenAMap at ASHG.
Jun 2016 Volunteering at ICML.
Apr 2016 Created a pipeline for TCGA iPython notebooks at the "Hacking Cancer" Hackathon.
Apr 2016 Awarded an NSF GRFP Honorable Mention.
Aug 2015 Starting my Ph.D. at CMU!