Luis von Ahn 

I build systems that combine humans and computers to solve large-scale problems that neither can solve alone. I call this Human Computation, but others sometimes call it Crowdsourcing. Some of my past projects include: CAPTCHA, The ESP Game (acquired by Google), GWAP, and reCAPTCHA (acquired by Google).

I'm currently working on Duolingo, named Apple's iPhone App of the Year, and Google Play's Best of the Best of 2013 and 2014. You can learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and many other languages for free on Android or iOS devices. (Talk on

To find out more about me, you can: watch my NOVA special, read my Wikipedia page, watch my talk at the Library of Congress, watch my Google Tech Talk, read my Wired feature, or simply search for my name on the Web. Here's my CV, and here are some of my papers.

Click here to see my email address. Unfortunately, I get more email than I can keep up with.