Nathan Beckmann

Assistant Professor in the
Computer Science Department and
ECE Department (by Courtesy)
at Carnegie Mellon University

9021 Gates-Hillman Center
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For a complete list of publications and other useful information, please see my curriculum vitae.
Software-defined caches & dynamic data placement

Nexus: A New Approach to Replication in Distributed Shared Caches
Po-An Tsai, Nathan Beckmann, and Daniel Sanchez. PACT'17.
[paper] [talk]

Jenga: Software-Defined Cache Hierarchies
Po-An Tsai, Nathan Beckmann, and Daniel Sanchez. ISCA'17.
[paper] [talk]

Whirlpool: Improving Cache Management with Application-Level Data Classification
Anurag Mukkara, Nathan Beckmann, and Daniel Sanchez. ASPLOS'16.
[paper] [talk]

CDCS: Scaling Distributed Cache Hierarchies through Computation and Data Co-Scheduling
Nathan Beckmann, Po-An Tsai, and Daniel Sanchez. HPCA'15. (Best paper nominee)
[paper] [talk]

Jigsaw: Scalable Software-defined Caches
Nathan Beckmann and Daniel Sanchez. PACT'13.
[paper] [extended version] [talk]

Cache analysis and modeling

LHD: Improving Cache Hit Rate by Maximizing Hit Density
Nathan Beckmann, Haoxian Chen, and Daniel Sanchez. NSDI'18.
[paper] [talk]

Maximizing Cache Performance Under Uncertainty
Nathan Beckmann and Daniel Sanchez. HPCA'17.
[paper] [talk] [code]

Cache Calculus: Modeling Caches through Differential Equations
Nathan Beckmann and Daniel Sanchez. CAL'16.

Modeling Cache Performance Beyond LRU
Nathan Beckmann and Daniel Sanchez. HPCA'16.
[paper] [talk]

Talus: A Simple Way to Remove Cliffs in Cache Performance
Nathan Beckmann and Daniel Sanchez. HPCA'15.
[paper] [talk]

fos: Factored Operating Systems

PIKA: A Network Service for Multikernel Operating Systems
Nathan Beckmann, Charles Gruenwald III, Christopher R. Johnson, Harshad Kasture, Filippo Sironi, Anant Agarwal, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Nickolai Zeldovich. CSAIL Technical Report.

An Operating System for Multicores and Clouds
David Wentzlaff, Charles Gruendwald III, Nathan Beckmann, Kevin Modzelewski, Adam Belay, Lamia Youseff, Jason Miller, and Anant Agarwal. SOCC'10.

Other work

Improving Datacenter Efficiency through Partitioning-Aware Scheduling
Harshad Kasture, Xu Ji, Nosayba El-Sayed, Nathan Beckmann, Xiaosong Ma, Daniel Sanchez. PACT'17 (short paper).

Cache-Guided Scheduling: Exploiting Caches to Maximize Locality in Graph Processing
Anurag Mukkara, Nathan Beckmann, Daniel Sanchez. AGP Workshop at ISCA'17.

Rubik: Fast Analytical Power Management for Latency-Critical Systems
Harshad Kasture, Davide B. Bartolini, Nathan Beckmann, and Daniel Sanchez. MICRO'15.
[paper] [talk]

Design and Analysis of Spatially-Partitioned Shared Caches
Nathan Beckmann. PhD thesis, MIT EECS, Sep 2015. George M. Sprowls Doctoral Thesis Prize.
[thesis] [defense] (Defense content differs slightly from thesis.)

Graphite: A Distributed Parallel Simulator for Multicores
Jason Miller, Harshad Kasture, George Kurian, Charles Gruenwald, Nathan Beckmann, Christopher Celio, Jonathan Eastep, and Anant Agarwal. HPCA'10.