And Now For Something Completely Different!

Here are some things I do for fun, which others might find interesting.

Researching Questionable Questions

I was the program chair for SIGBOVIK 2016, a conference focusing on the Neglected Quadrants of research: silly approaches to serious problems, serious approaches to silly problems, and silly approaches to silly problems. I am proud to say we had a record number of submissions.

An Illustrious Theatre Career

I performed in the 2016 SCS Graduate Student production of Lucky Stiff, a very silly show.

Teaching Questionable Information

In Spring '14 I taught a course "Non-Principled Programming Languages" with fellow student William Maynes on a wide variety of interesting, but not necessarily well-founded programming languages.

Because we wanted to teach the original '58 dialect of Fortran and I couldn't find a compiler, I wrote my own. Languages covered include:

Here's a fun question from the first assignment: Write a single program which is Hello World in both Fortran and C