Duluth, MN. Winter 2000-2001.

Here are a few photographs I took between December '00 and March '01. Yes, I AM in the northlands!!! I must say though, that I have REALLY enjoyed the snow... it certainly looked very pretty to me... Enjoy!

Yep, the snow had us surrounded! But observe how I dauntlessly shovelled away to glory (ok ok, I shovelled exactly once, but that was once more than never! :) )

That's the christmas tree outside my window; and two views of 1st Street and 12th Avenue. Bye bye, christmas tree and 1st street... I shall miss ya!

Around school...

The famous stair case of 120N. (Ok it was only famous to the four of us, but it was famous nevertheless!!)

An engineer trying his best to screw up my computer. And boy did he succeed!

...so we got our own back on his birthday!! Talk of just retribution, eh? :)

Right, so we finally figured out how many engineers it takes to change a light bulb. The answer is 4 - One to hold the base, one to get the side-screw, one to stretch and act as if he is working, and one to take a photograph! Pretty darn efficient, eh what?
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