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Homework 0: Pick a Device

Due on Monday, May 19, 2014 by 10:30am EDT

All of the assignments in this course will be individual. Most of them will involve creating a simulated user interface for a complex device. Each student will pick a different device. However, for a multi-function device, multiple people can pick the same device as long as they pick different functions on that device (for example, someone can do basic setup of a DVD and someone else can do setting of timed recordings on a DVD-R). You will use the device you select for the entire course, so choose wisely. You will need to pick a device with some complexity; that is, with some tasks that are difficult to do.

I will put everyone who is registered in random order in a GoogleDoc spreadsheet. Everyone should enter three or more choices, and the make sure that the people above you didn't pick what you selected. We will try to give everyone their choices, but everyone must have unique device.

Below are some examples that might be selected, but feel free to make up your own, with permission of the instructor.

Note that if you want to use a product, system or website of your company, that is fine, but it has to be public (that is, not secret), so that others can see the current design, and your prototype for a redesign.

Note: for Homework 1, you will have to test a user on a real version of the device, so you should select something you own or have access to.

On or before Monday, May 19, 2014 at 10:30am EDT, each student will pick a device. Here are some ideas:

  1. Any desktop or web interface that has at least 30 controls, not counting web links. For web pages, it should have at least 10 pages (including product description pages). For desktop applications, it should have at least 5 different screens or dialog boxes.
  2. Desk phone with speed dial
  3. Answering machine with selective playing, deleting of recorded calls
  4. Copy machine with 2-sided copying
  5. Cell phone for placing calls using an address book
  6. Cell phone for doing SMS using an address book
  7. Cell phone address book management (add, remove, update addresses)
  8. VCR or DVD/R: basic setup (which channels, clock, input source, record speed, etc.)
  9. VCR or DVD/R: setting timed recordings (record in the future)
  10. Cable TV or DishNetwork configuration and control interfaces
  11. Data Projector configuration user interface (pick source, brightness, keystoning, etc.)
  12. Conventional television with contrast, brightness, channels, input sources
  13. High definition television with various wide-screen modes
  14. Digital camera including taking pictures, specifying different resolutions, turning on and off the flash, etc.
  15. Digital Picture Frame
  16. Camcorder
  17. Digital Watch
  18. Microwave with cooking, defrost, set current time, timed cooking, etc.
  19. Wall Oven, with bake, broil, self-clean, timer for timed cooking, etc.
  20. Washing machine, with parameters for water temperature, different cycles, etc.
  21. Dryer with parameters for different cycles, heat, cool down, etc.
  22. Programmable Coffee maker
  23. Digital refrigerator (?)
  24. Robotic vacuum cleaner (speed, obstacle avoidance)
  25. Conventional vacuum with digital controls
  26. Digital video recorder (schedule recordings) (e.g., TIVO)
  27. Digital music player (e.g., iPod)
  28. Digital FM radio with presets
  29. Universal remote control (programmable)
  30. PC Music player with play-lists (e.g., Windows Media Player)
  31. Augmented calculator (e.g., ability to see past computations, etc.)
  32. Complex Alarm clock (set time, set alarm, multiple alarms, snooze)
  33. Audiobook player (select book, navigate chapters)
  34. Programmable Massage chair
  35. Programmable light (brightness, weekly on/off schedule)
  36. Programming lawn watering system, with timers and sensors
  37. Voice recorder (play, delete, record, rewind)
  38. Printer configuration (orientation, sides, color, scale)
  39. Multi-function printer (print/fax/copy)
  40. Wireless network chooser (select, security settings, on/off)
  41. Movie schedule mobile web application (by movie, by location)
  42. Stand-alone air purifier
  43. Home heating and air conditioning (HVAC) controls (programmable)
  44. Automobile heating and air conditioning (HVAC) controls
  45. Automobile HD Radio
  46. Stand-alone HD Radio
  47. Automobile Satellite radio
  48. Stand-alone Satellite radio
  49. Automobile navigation system
  50. Hand-held navigation system
  51. Any digital medical device
  52. ATM
  53. Airport Ticket kiosk
  54. Play/Movie Ticket kiosk
  55. Photo printing kiosks
  56. CMU Printing kiosks
  57. Vending machine for movies (like outside the Giant Eagle in Squirrel Hill)
  58. Self checkout system for supermarket (like at Giant Eagle)
  59. IM interface (gtalk, yahoo messenger)
  60. CMU printing kiosk
  61. Programmable exercise equipment
  62. PA lottery touch screen machine
  63. Wireless Network Router setup (set up security, etc.)
  64. Any complicated electronics from Brookstone
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