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Homework 6: Revised Interfaces Based on HE

Assigned: Mon, June 24, 2013; Due: Thurs, June 27, 2013 at 10:30am EDT (note: no late turn-ins for HW5!)

The TAs will send to you the two evaluations from your classmates. In this assignment, you should revise your interface based on that feedback. It is very important that you respond to each criticism, and avoid changing each good thing mentioned. In general, you should make the recommended changes. However, if you have a good reason for not making a fix, you can make that argument in your report. Your grade on this assignment will depend primarily on the quality of your final, resulting interface, and your responses to your classmates' comments. Your grade will be lowered if we do not agree with your reason for not fixing problems that were brought up in your previous user studies, and by your classmates in their heuristic analyses.

The deliverables for this assignment are:

  • First, the final revised prototype, resulting from your responses to all the user studies and heuristic analyses.
  • Second, you should write a report, discussing how you responded to each item mentioned by your classmates. First, fill in the final (yellow) column of the reports you received. You must turn in the two HE forms given to you, with your column filled in based on your responses. In addition to the responses on the tables, you should write extra information as follows. You must have screenshots to show what you changed, so it is easier to see -- circle your changes and reference them in the report. If you made any other changes to your system since Homework 4, for example in response to the TA's comments, or problems users had in your user studies which you had not previously addressed, then please make a note of that in your report too, and mention the source of the problem. You will get a better grade based on all the improvements you make from your previous (Assignment 4) version, whether the recommendation for the change results from a previous user study, the TA or an HE.
  • Zip up your report and your implementation files as usual. Name this file: and upload it to Blackboard.
  • You should also fill out the two (2) questionnaires for the class. We take all the comments seriously, and try to improve the class each year:
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