Schedule for 05-631, Fall, 2001

Software Architecture for User Interfaces

Notes: Schedule is tentative. Readings are due on date listed.

NSH 1305. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:20 p.m.

Tues, Aug 28

Course Introduction ; Why are Interfaces Important, and Why are they Hard To Design and Implement?

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 1

Required Readings:
  • Brad A. Myers. "Challenges of HCI Design and Implementation," ACM Interactions. vol. 1, no. 1. January, 1994. pp. 73-83. ACM DL Reference.
    Discusses why user interfaces are important, and why they are hard to design and implement.
Please fill out the initial questionnaire in class.
Thurs, Aug 30

Basic Organization of UI Software

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 2

Required Readings:
  • Brad A. Myers. "User Interface Software Tools," ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. vol. 2, no. 1, March, 1995. pp. 64-103. ACM DL Reference
  • Brad A. Myers, Scott Hudson and Randy Pausch. "Past Present and Future of User Interface Software Tools," ACM Transactions on Computer Human Interaction, (Mar. 2000). Volume 7 , Issue 1. pp. 3-28. ACM DL Reference. (old postscript or Acrobat)
Recommended Readings:
  • Brad A. Myers. "A Brief History of Human Computer Interaction Technology." ACM interactions. Vol. 5, no. 2, March, 1998. ACM DL Reference. (A previous version appeared as CS TR CMU-CS-96-163 and HCII TR CMU-HCII-96-103: html)
Tues, Sept 4


PowerPoint Slides for Topic 3

Required Readings:

Homework 1 handed out that might help with homework 1

Thurs, Sept 6

Output, cont.

Tues, Sept 11 no class: CMU closed
Thurs, Sept 13

Output Refresh Models

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 4

Required Readings:
  • Brad A. Myers, Richard G. McDaniel, Robert C. Miller, Alan Ferrency,  Andrew Faulring, Bruce D. Kyle, Andrew Mickish, Alex Klimovitski, and Patrick Doane. "The Amulet Environment: New Models for Effective User Interface Software Development", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Vol. 23, no. 6. June, 1997. pp. 347-365. IEEE Explore Ref
    Abstract in html,  postscript.
Tues, Sept 18 Guest lecture; Brad away

A. Chris Long on Gestural Interfaces

PowerPoint Slides for Dr. Long's talk

Required Readings:
  • A. Chris Long,  James A. Landay, and Lawrence A. Rowe, "quill: A Gesture Design Tool for Pen-based User Interfaces". Submitted for publication. pdf
Recommended Readings:

Homework 1 due. Homework 2 handed out

Files for Homework2
Hints and Discussion for Homework 2

Thurs, Sept 20


PowerPoint Slides for Topic 5

Required Readings:
  • Linton, M.A.; Vlissides, J.M.; Calder, P.R. "Composing user interfaces with InterViews," IEEE Computer, Volume: 22 Issue: 2 , Feb. 1989, Pages: 8 -22. IEEE Explore Ref, IEEE Explore PDF
  • Java AWT/Swing layout management documentation. For example, part of the tutorial about layout
Example of Commercial "Spring and Strut" model: Galaxy Toolkit
Tues, Sept 25

Input Devices

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 6

Thurs, Sept 27 Guest lecture; Brad away

Prof. Scott Hudson: Magic Lenses

PowerPoint Slides for Dr. Hudson's talk

Required Readings:
  • Eric A. Bier, Maureen C. Stone, Ken Pier, William Buxton and Tony D. DeRose, "Toolglass and magic lenses: the see-through interface", Proceedings of the 20th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics, 1993, Pages 73-80. ACM DL Reference
Tues, Oct 2 UbiComp Conference -- Brad away

Prof. Randy Pausch

Required Readings:
  • Matt Conway, et. al, "Alice: Lessons Learned from Building a 3D System For Novices". PDF
Thurs, Oct 4

Input Models

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 7

Homework 2 due.
Homework 3 handed out 
Hints and discussion for homework 3

Tues, Oct 9

Amulet's Interactor Model

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 8
Required Readings:
  • Brad A. Myers. "A New Model for Handling Input," ACM Transactions on Information Systems, Vol. 8, No. 3. July, 1990. pp. 289-320. ACM DL Reference.
  • Interactor part of the Amulet reference manual: html
Recommended Readings:
  • Brad A. Myers and David Kosbie. "Reusable Hierarchical Command Objects," Proceedings CHI'96: Human Factors in Computing Systems. Vancouver, BC, Canada. April 14-18, 1996. ACM DL Reference
  • Brad A. Myers. "Scripting Graphical Applications by Demonstration," Proceedings CHI'98: Human Factors in Computing Systems. Los Angeles, CA, April 18-23, 1998. pp. 534-541. ACM DL Reference
Thurs, Oct 11

Implementing Interaction Techniques and Finite State Machines

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 9

Tues, Oct 16

Finite State Machines, cont.

Thurs, Oct 18


Tues, Oct 23

Interaction Technique Concepts

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 10

Thurs, Oct 25

Interaction Technique Concepts, cont.

Homework 3 Due
Homework 4 (Project) Handed Out

Tues, Oct 30


PowerPoint Slides for Topic 11

Recommended Readings:
  • Scott E. Hudson. "Incremental attribute evaluation: a flexible algorithm for lazy update," ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, Volume 13 , Issue 3 (1991), Pages 315-341.  ACM DL Reference
  • Bjorn N. Freeman-Benson, John Maloney and Alan Borning. "An incremental constraint solver," Communications of the ACM . Volume 33 , Issue 1 (1990). Pages 54-63. ACM DL Reference
  • Brad Vander Zanden, Brad A. Myers, Dario Giuse and Pedro Szekely. "Integrating Pointer Variables into One-Way Constraint Models," ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. vol. 1, no. 2, June, 1994. pp. 161-213. ACM DL Reference
  • Brad Vander Zanden, "An Incremental Algorithm for Satisfying Hierarchies of Multi-way, Dataflow Constraints", ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, 18(1), January, 1996. pp. 30-72. ACM DL Reference
Thurs, Nov 1

Constraints, cont.

Tues, Nov 6

Software Organization and Object Level Architecture

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 12

Scott's Slides for SubArctic part of the talk

Thurs, Nov 8

Software Organization, cont.

Project Choice for Homework 4 due.

Tues, Nov 13 UIST Conference -- Brad away

Guest Lecture: Bonnie John and Len Bass

Thurs, Nov 15 UIST Conference -- Brad away

Guest Lecture: Bonnie John and Len Bass

Tues, Nov 20

Development Process and Prototyping

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 13

Recommended Readings:
  • James Landay and Brad Myers. "Sketching Interfaces: Toward More Human Interface Design", IEEE Computer, March, 2001. pp. 56-64. IEEE Reference PDF
Thurs, Nov 22 Thanksgiving -- no classes
Tues, Nov 27

Animation in the Interface

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 14

Required Readings:
  • Bay-Wei Chang, David Ungar, “Animation: From Cartoons to the User Interface”, Proceedings of UIST'93, pp.45-55. ACM DL Reference
  • Brad A. Myers, Robert C. Miller, Rich McDaniel, and Alan Ferrency, "Easily Adding Animations to Interfaces Using Constraints." ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, UIST'96, November 6-8, 1996. Seattle, WA. pp. 119-128. ACM DL Reference
Recommended Readings:
  • Scott E. Hudson, John T. Stasko, “Animation Support in a User Interface Toolkit: Flexible, Robust and Reusable Abstractions”, Proceedings of UIST '93, pp.57-67. ACM DL Reference
Thurs, Nov 29

Non-pointing Interfaces and Audio

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 15

Tues, Dec 4

Properties of People

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 16

Thurs, Dec 6

Brief Outline of Three-D Interaction Techniques

PowerPoint Slides for Topic 17

Fill out final questionnaire

Tues, Dec 11

Student Presentations of Projects

Homework 4 due.
Last day of classes

Tue. December 18, 05:30p.m.-08:30p.m DH 1217:  Final Exam

Mid-Semester grades due: 10/23/2000 by 4:00 p.m

Final grades due: 12/26/2000