Examples of Good and Bad User Interfaces

For 05-630/05-430, Programming User Interfaces, Spring, 2004
Due: Tuesday, 2/17 at 12noon

Reminder: Everyone in the class needs to send before Tuesday at noon to pui-staff@lists.andrew.cmu.edu an example of a good and an example of a bad UI feature or element.

Preferably with a picture. For example, a good idea might be to send a MS Word file with a picture and a short description of why it is good or bad. Be sure to describe where you got the example from (what program, or URL if a web page, or full product name and model number if a product). The deadline is Tuesday (Feb 17) at noon (so I have time to prepare for class). This is worth 1% of your final course grade. I put an example at:

It would be most interesting if you found things that everyone doesn't know about. Examples (with pictures) from your home appliances might be good, for instance.

If you would like to present your examples to the class, and maybe give a live demo or description, mention that in your submission.

In summary: