20-790: Human-Computer Interaction in eCommerce, Fall, 2001

Homework #4 Heuristic Evaluation of each other's sites

Start: Tues, Nov 27
Hand in: Tues, Dec 4

Individual Project
Counts for 15% of final grade.

Each person in the class will be assigned to evaluate the site of a different a group. Individually, you should write a heuristic evaluation of the site using principles from Nielson UE textbook. Although multiple people are assigned to evaluate each group, you should do the evaluation separately. See the assignments of people to groups (this is a Microsoft Excel file--it doesn't seem to open correctly in Netscape--use "Save Link As.." and then open the file from your disk).

For the system you have been assigned perform a heuristic evaluation. Your report should discuss both problems and things done well. You should include pictures of the original site that illustrate each of your points. Each point should be annotated with the particular guidelines that are being violated or being followed. If violated, you might suggest a fix. You should try to come up at least 10 points that illustrate at least 5 different guidelines. I am looking for insight, subtlety and depth (thus saying "the system doesn't have good color choices because it doesn't use color" is pretty trivial and won't count for much).

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