Grading Sheet for 05-899D (HASD) Student Presentations

Your name:  
Presenter's name:  

  Evaluation (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Terrible) on each aspect, and comments
Paper Selection: Did the lecture comprehensively survey the topic by covering the appropriate papers (either the suggested ones or replacements)?  
    Comments on papers:

Organization of Material: Did the lecture synthesize work by comparing and contrasting and providing an organizational framework?

    Comments on Organization:

Clarity: Did the presentation of systems and studies clearly identify and distill the most important aspects?

    Comments on Clarity:

Critique of Papers: Did the lecture critique work in the area by mentioning limitations or threats to validity of studies, and summarizing any evaluations of the systems?

    Comments on Critique:

Presentation Slides: Were the slides clear and helpful to the presentation, free of typos, and understandable?  
    Comments on Slides:

Communication skills: independent of the content (e.g. voice clarity, eye contact, energy, mannerisms, time management, question handling)  
    Comments on Communication skills:

Overall Evaluation:
    General Comments for the Presenter:
    General Comments for the Instructors: (not for the presenter)