This is an OLD version of the course. Please go to the 2014 page instead!

All Homeworks must be turned in using Blackboard. (Let us know if you are enrolled and you don't have access to the Blackboard site!) All documents should be in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format, except for your executable prototype, which should be in its native format. If your homework is one file, you can just upload it, and name it like this: HCI-HWn-lastname-firstname.pdf, for example: HCI-HW1-myers-brad.pdf. If you have multiple files, you should zip up all your files into one .zip file, and name it like this:, for example: Failure to follow the turn-in instructions will result in a one-grade penalty (10 points out of 100).

All homeworks are due before class (before 1:30pm Eastern time) on the due date. See the penalty for late assignments.

We will try to return your graded homeworks on the morning when the next homework is due. Your graded homework and your grades will be available on blackboard as well.