Homework 3: Two User Studies of Paper Prototypes

For 05-863/08-763/46-863: Introduction to Human Computer Interaction for Technology Executives (Fall, 2009)

Homework 3: Start: Mon, Nov 9, 2009, Finish: Mon, Nov. 16, 2009

Using the paper prototype you created in Homework 2, you are now going to run a user test of that prototype with one or more users, revise the paper prototype to try to fix any problems found, and then run one or more additional users on the revised version.

PART A: The first part of this assignment is to perform a user study of the prototype you created for homework 2. You should put your paper prototype in front of at least one user. This should be a different user than you used for your CI in homework 1, and this person should also be a novice at your appliance. As with the CI, you might want to videotape your sessions. As noted in homework 1, the university has some video-cameras that it loans to students, but you have to plan ahead and get a CFA lending card. Here are the details:
Let me know if you find other ways to borrow cameras.

PART B: Next, you will modify your paper prototype from homework 2 to try to fix the problems you observed in your user study, as described in the last column of your User Test Feedback Analysis section of your report for PART A.

PART C: Next, you will do another user test template filled out for at least one different user using your revised prototype (from Part B). Use another copy of the same template as for part A: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~bam/uicourse/UserTestReport_template1.docx. Again, this is a different person, also a novice (so you have at least 3 people you have used so far). You should videotape this one too.

In summary, you will be turning in two (2) copies of the filled out UserTestReport_template1.docx (one for PART A and one for PART C), a revised paper prototype (PART B), and a short discussion of what you changed in the new version of the prototype. Please turn in this assignment as a hardcopy of your reports and copies of your various paper prototypes in a recloseable envelope (as for homework 2) with your name on it before class.