Final Exam Instructions

For 05-863/08-763/46-863: Introduction to Human Computer Interaction for Technology Executives (Fall, 2009)

The final exam will cover material from all the lectures (except lecture 14) and all the homeworks. You can be sure that there will be questions on the exam from each lecture 1 through 13 (including the guest lectures) and all homeworks. However, material that is in the readings but not covered in lecture will not be on the final. The exam is closed-book, so you can not use your computers, books or notes during the exam. There will be questions about the Heuristic Analysis, but you do not need to memorize the 10 heuristics -- I will give you the list, but you need to be able to recognize what they are. Similarly, I will give you the names of the kinds of Contextual Inquiry Diagrams, but you need to know what each is for and how to make them. Please bring pens or pencils to write with. You will have 3 hours, but last year, most people finished in about two hours.

Also, last day to turn in any homeworks is Wed, Dec. 9, 2009.

Final exam times:

If you are taking the exam on Wednesday, December 2, 2009, that is before the official end of the class. I will include material from the last two lectures in the final. However, you can learn the material by doing the reading as listed in the schedule, and watching last year's lectures: