Homeworks for 05-863/08-763/46-863: Introduction to Human Computer Interaction for Technology Executives (Fall, 2007)

NOTE: This is an OLD version of the course. Please see the current year's version (Fall, 2010).

Homework summary

(see also the Full Class Schedule)

Grading and Late Policy

No cheating:

Late Policy: Assignments are due before the beginning of class (10:30am) on the specified day (Note: people who on the list of those who cannot make the Mon+Wed time, will be able to turn their assignments in before class on the corresponding Tuesday or Thursday). A penalty of 10 points out of 100 (one letter grade) will be immediately applied after the start time of class. An additional 10 points will be subtracted for each additional class period late.

For the Homework 4, there cannot be any late assignments--everyone must be ready to have someone else evaluate their implementation.

If you need to take the final exam early or late, arrangements should be made with the instructor at least a week in advance.

Submitting Homeworks

We prefer all homeworks (except for #0) submitted in electronic format. Two choices: (1) use the course Blackboard site to submit homeworks into the digital dropbox, or (2) turn in a CD in class (for example, if your turn-in is too big). (Let us know if you are enrolled and you don't have access to the Blackboard site!) We don't care about formats of the individual files; we are fine if you use the tools you are good at and spend your time on the actual homework rather than spending time converting things. However, please use the following naming conventions:

Please zip up all your files into one .zip file, and name it like this: HCI-HWn-lastname-firstname.zip, for example: HCI-HW2-myers-brad.zip.

For homework 2, you can turn in your paper prototype in a resealable or sealed envelope and bring it to class.

We will try to return your graded homeworks within one week of submission.

Homework 0: Pick a Device; Start & Finish: In class on Wed, Oct 24

Homework 1: Contextual Inquiry and Design; Start: Mon, Oct 29, Finish: Mon, Nov 5

Homework 2: Paper Prototype of an Interface; Start: Mon, Nov 5, Finish: Mon, Nov 12

Homework 3: User Study of Paper Prototype; Start: Mon, Nov 12, Finish: Mon, Nov 19

Homework 4: Implementation in Visual Basic; Start: Mon, Nov 19, Finish: Wed, Nov 28

Homework 5: Heuristic Evaluation of Each Other's Implementations; Start: Wed, Nov 28, Finish: Wed, Dec 5

Homework 6: Revised Interfaces Based on HE; Start: Wed, Dec 5, Finish: Wed, Dec 12