Welcome to the Fitts’s Law Tester

Your full name:

Participant type:

Input device type:

Device description:

Orient the screen of your device so that the longer dimension is horizontal—known as the “landscape” or sideways orientation.

Accurately measure the width and height of your screen using a ruler so that the test will be scaled correctly. Enter your measurements to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.

Width of screen (centimeters):

Height of screen (centimeters):

Press the button to start the test, which will begin with a practice round.

Your goal is to tap the blue ribbons as QUICKLY and as ACCURATELY as possible. For consistency, be sure to interact the same way throughout the test.

Please do not to change the orientation of the device or resize the window.

If you are using a mobile device, please CLOSE THE KEYBOARD before you press the “Start Test” button.

Results of your Fitts’s law tests

Each test had two variables: the width of the ribbons and the space between the ribbons. For example, 0.5cm_X_2cm indicates that the ribbons were 0.5cm wide and centered 2cm apart. All times are in milliseconds.

Press the “Copy results to clipboard” button to copy the results to the clipboard. Then paste the results into the class’s GoogleDoc spreadsheet.

Safari users: pressing the button will not copy the text to the clipboard. You will receive an error. In that case, select and copy the results using the browser’s “select all” and “copy” commands.

Copy status:

Below is a CSV-encoded copy of your results. You can select the text and then paste it into a text file or email.

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