Suggested Course Projects.  Machine Learning

Your Course Project:

Your class project is an opportunity for you to explore an interesting machine learning problem of your choice in the context of a real-world data set.  Projects can be done by you as an individual, or in teams of two students.  Instructors and TAs will consult with you on your ideas, but of course the final responsibility to define and execute an interesting piece of work is yours. Your project will be worth 20% of your final class grade, and will have 4 deliverables:

  1. Proposal:1 page (10%) due Oct 18

  2. Midway Report:3-4 pages (20%) due Nov 8

  3. Final Report: 5-6 pages (40%) due Nov 17

  4. Poster Presentation: (30%) due Nov 21 

Note that all write-ups in the form of a NIPS paper (8 pages maximum in NIPS format, including references). The page limits are strict! Papers over the limit will not be considered.

Project Proposal:

You must turn in a brief project proposal (1-page maximum).  Read the list of available data sets and potential project ideas below.  You have to use one of these data sets, because we know that they have been successfully used for machine learning in the past. 

Project proposal format:  Proposals should be one page maximum.  Include the following information:

Midway Report:

This should be a 3-4 pages short report, and it serves as a check-point. It should consist of the same sections as your final report (introduction, related work, method, experiment, conclusion), with a few sections `under construction'. Specifically, the introduction and related work sections should be in their final form; the section on the proposed method should be almost finished; the sections on the experiments and conclusions will have whatever results you have obtained, as well as `place-holders' for the results you plan/hope to obtain.

Grading scheme for the project report:

Final Report:

Your final report is expected to be a 5-6 pages report. It should roughly have the following format:


Poster Presentation:

We will have all projects presenting a poster, on Project poster session: Mon Nov 21 4-6:30pm in the Newell-Simon Hall Atrium. At least one project member should be present during the poster hours. The session will be open to everybody.