Caleb James Walsh

Here are some pictures from my first day in the world.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. I've been very busy.

Pictures of me in my Halloween costume. Big surprise...I was adorable.

Pictures of my Thanksgiving trip to NJ.

Pictures of my first Christmas.

New pictures of Caleb from the last few months.

A few pictures of Caleb walking. These are screen captures from the video below.

We've also got some movies to share! Right click on the links to save the files. This one is small; only a couple of Mb. This one is much bigger; about 45Mb. Both require the DivX player to view; you can download that here; it's free.

Another movie - Caleb in his jumping chair!

Caleb helps Mommy with the laundry, Caleb plays with his dragon toy, More Bouncy Caleb.

New movies:

Caleb takes a few step in his new backyard! This file is ~2Mb and is Divx encoded. If you can't play that one, try this one (10Mb; encoded with an older Windows codec).