15-854 Presentations and Projects

Here is a list of presentation and project topics that come to mind. It is not an exhaustive list: if somthing else strikes you, come talk with me. Roughly, a presentation is expected to require reading a research paper and then discussing it in class. A project might involve programming up and testing some algorithms, or it could be something larger and more open-ended. In any case, come talk with me before committing your presentation or project. If you do a project, then you would be expected to give a short (5-15 min) presentation of it in class.

Ideas for presentations:

Ideas for projects:

Ideas for presentations, more specifically:

Note: I've attempted to choose the most readable papers I could find on each topic. But, it's probably worth your while looking up other papers on the same topic (e.g., see the references in these papers) in case there is another that's better.
Avrim Blum
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