15-854 Approximation and Online Algorithms

Instructor: Avrim Blum

MW 1:30-2:50. Wean 4615A. 12 Units

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Lecture Notes

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  1. 01/19:Intro. Examples: Vertex Cover, rent or buy, pursuer/evader. Reading: section 2 of Shmoys. See also: Goemans intro, Rabani notes on VC.
  2. 01/24:Set-cover: greedy and randomized rounding. p-center problem (symmetric and asymmetric). Reading: [Panigrahy-Vishwanathan '98]. See also: Williamson lecture 2, Cheriyan-Ravi notes on set-cover, center & median problems.
  3. 01/26:Conditional expectation method and randomized rounding: MAX-SAT and routing problems. Related readings: Williamson lecture 5, Shmoys section 3, Rabani notes.
  4. 01/31:Continuing with above. Also, a little about approximation hardness. Additional reading: Shmoys section 1, Goemans section 2.
  5. 02/02:A little more on approx hardness, PTAS and FPTAS. More details on Clique hardness. Additional reading: Williamson lecture 3.
  6. 02/07:The shortest common superstring problem. We will be discussing work in BJLTY 1991. Latest results in Sweedyk 1999/2000. The longest path song and lyrics.
  7. 02/09:The MAX-CUT problem and Semidefinite Programming. Additional reading: Williamson lecture 6, Goemans section 5.
  8. 02/14:SDPs for approximate 3-coloring. Additional reading: Williamson lecture 7 (only proves the simpler version). Here is the KMS paper and the most recent bound.
  9. 02/16:Random projections and approximate nearest neighbor.
  10. 02/21:Approximating metric spaces with (heirarchical) tree metrics. Application to "buy at bulk network design".
  11. 02/23:L_1 embeddings, Bourgain's theorem, and balanced separators. Additional reading: Cheriyan-Ravi Chapter 11.
  12. 02/28:PCP and approximation hardness (Jochen Könemann). Here are some more notes on the topic.
  13. 03/01:On line algorithms: list update and paging. Additional reading: Goemans sections 1-4. Borodin and El-Yaniv Chapters 1 and 3.
  14. 03/08:Paging: deterministic and randomized. Intro to k-server problem. Additional reading: Borodin and El-Yaniv Ch 3,4.
  15. 03/13:Intro to k-server. The Metrical Task System Problem (det and randomized). Additional reading: Borodin and El-Yaniv Ch 9, 10.1-10.3
  16. 03/15:On-line machine learning. Combining "expert" advice. Application to combining online algorithms and proof of min-max. Here is a related survey paper.
  17. 03/20:On-line learning contd + portfolio selection.
  18. 03/22:On-line search and navigation.
  19. 04/03:On-line load balancing and virtual circuit routing. See also Borodin and El-Yaniv Ch 12.1-12.3 and the survey by Yossi Azar.
  20. 04/05:Decision theories and metrics for online algorithms [Pat Riley and Elly Winner]
  21. 04/10:Faster exact algorithms for 3-SAT and 2nd half [Ioannis Koutis and Ke Yang]
  22. 04/12:PTASs for dense instances of NP-hard problems. first half, second half. [Amitabh Sinha and Marcio Palmeira]
  23. 04/17:The Primal-Dual method [Martin Zinkevich and Eric Bauer] See also Williamson's notes.
  24. 04/19:The k-server problem [Avrim Blum]. See the latest paper by Koutsoupias.
  25. 04/24: Online learning and the Winnow algorithm [Leejay Wu and Greg Schohn]
  26. 04/26: minimizing OBDDs [Sanjit Seshia]
  27. 05/01: Online scheduling [Nikhil Bansal and Bianca Schroeder]
  28. 05/03: Edge-dominating sets [Ojas Parekh]. See also this paper. General wrap-up [Avrim Blum]

Handouts and Readings

Research papers and related lecture notes. David Williamson's notes probably best tracks the material we will cover in the approximation portion of the course.
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