Avenue Mapudungun Project


Avenue/Mapudungun Team, at the Instituto de Estudios Indígenas, Universidad de La Frontera:  

Eliseo Cañulef
Team Coordinator. Specializing in intercultural bilingual education.
Hugo Carrasco
Linguist, UFRO's Spanish Department Chair.
Rosendo Huisca
Distinguish native speaker.
Hector Painequeo
Flor Caniupil
Senior transcriber/translator.
Luis Caniupil Huaiquiñir
Data Collection specialist.
Marcela Collio Calfunao
Cristian Carrillan Anton
Salvador Cañulef
Computer and software support specialist.


From the Ministry of Education, Chile:  

Claudio Millacura
Linguist, specializing in Latin American Native languages and in intercultural bilingual educacion.