Project Aura
Distraction- free Ubiquitous Computing

Carnegie Mellon University


Contextual Services for Project Aura


This page is intended to provide a clearinghouse for links and documents related to constructed and underway Contextual Services in Project Aura.


To realize context-aware applications for mobile users, Project Aura is deploying numerous campus-wide contextual services. These services are constructed on top of Contextual Service Framework[1]. (Techical Report on it) Client programs interact and collaborate with contextual services through the Aura Service API [1] (Java and C library versions available) to realize intelligent, proactive, adaptive applications. As depicted in the following figure, contextual services in Aura fall into two categories, one manages information about entity, such as people, device, space; the other maintains information about relationship between entities, such as people-location, device-carrier, etc.


Folks interested in contributing by building new contextual services or applications which take advantage of them, please read the Technical Report on Contextual Service Framework and javadoc on Aura Service API to obtain preliminary knowledge before you proceed. If you want to be added to the access list to be able to add documents to or update this online website, please contact Changhao Jiang (Joe)



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