Aabid Shariff


To err is human - and to blame it on a computer is even more so.

About Me

I was a graduate student in the Computational Biology PhD Program. I was advised by Robert F. Murphy and Gustavo K. Rohde at Carnegie Mellon University. I used to work at the Computational Biology Department, School of Computer Science and I was affiliated to the Center for Bioimage Informatics.

I now work as a Computational Scientist at Monsanto. Prior to this, I was a Senior scientist at a start-up - GrassRoots Biotechnology.

Currently, I lead computational efforts in the area of gene regulation.

I earned my undergraduate engineering degree in Industrial Biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai, India. I did my undergraduate thesis work in Computational Neuroscience with Dr. Upinder S. Bhalla at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India.

Apart from research, I enjoy running, playing tennis and ping pong, and love all kinds of music and drama.