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Events with high posterior probability

Freda Meissner-BlauShe and Georges gave birth to twins, Alexandra and Nicholas, in 1963.
Edward Hornor CoatesFlorence and Edward had one child together in 1881, but the baby -- Josephine Wisner Coates -- died in infancy.
Katja SchuurmanOn 22 April 2010 she gave birth to daughter Sammie.
Lakshmi (actress)Lakshmi adopted a baby girl in 2001.
Selina Gilsenan On 6 July 2011, Gilsenan gave birth to a baby boy, along with former Swifts player Alison Broadbent who gave birth to a baby girl one day later.
Sofia ArkelstenHer first child, a daughter, was born on 25 November 2012.
Rachel StevensOn 16 November 2010, she gave birth to a baby girl, Amelie.
Chabeli IglesiasOn 2 February 2010, she announced that she was pregnant with twin girls that were expected to be born in Summer 2010, however, on March 12, 2010 People en Español reported that Chábeli had suffered a miscarriage.
Katia ZygouliShe gave birth to their first daughter on November 2, 2008.
Martin AmisAmis became a grandfather in 2008 when his daughter (by Lamorna Seale) Delilah gave birth to a son.
David PelletierPelletier and Salé welcomed their first child, a boy named Jesse Joe Pelletier, on September 30, 2007 at the Sturgeon Community Hospital and Health Centre in St. Albert, Alberta.
Jessica SimpsonOn May 1, 2012, Simpson gave birth to her first child, daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson.
Zoe TayShe gave birth to her first baby, a boy named Brayden, on 24 February 2005 at Thomson Medical Centre.
Goldie HawnHer son Oliver welcomed his first girl and Goldie's first granddaughter in July 2013, named Rio.
Sophie, Countess of WessexThe Countess returned to Frimley Park Hospital on 17 December 2007, to give birth, again by caesarean section, to her son, James, Viscount Severn.
Thomas S. EstesIn September 1951 Estes' wife gave birth to a son, Stuart, in the Seventh Day Adventist hospital in Silver Springs Maryland.
Tom HanksHanks became a grandfather when his son Colin's wife gave birth to a granddaughter in 2011.
Baichung BhutiaHis wife Madhuri gave birth to twins on 8 April 2010.
Toi DerricotteIn 1962, her junior year at Wayne State, she gave birth to a son in a home for unwed mothers.
Joey McIntyreMcIntyre and his wife Barrett Williams welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Griffin Thomas, on 20 November 2007 in Los Angeles.
Tanaaz IraniOn September 19, 2011, Tanaaz gave birth to a baby girl, Zara Irani.
Django ReinhardtIn 1929, Reinhardt's estranged wife Florine gave birth to a son named Henri'' Lousson'' Reinhardt (aka Lousson Baumgartner).
Alan DoyleDoyle's wife, Joanne, gave birth to their first son, Henry Thomas Doyle - whom Alan calls' The Prince' - in July 2006.
Jean ParkerIn 1952, Parker gave birth to a son, Robert Lowery Hanks, who works as an executive for the city of Los Angeles.
Rickie LambertTheir third child, a daughter named Bella Rose, was born on 8 August 2013, the same day he was called up to the England squad for his debut against Scotland.
Zelda FitzgeraldOn October 26, 1921, she gave birth to Frances'' Scottie'' Fitzgerald.
Tina HobleyOn 23 October 2007, the couple announced that Hobley was pregnant with their first child.
Carrie DavisOn 29 March 2010 it was reported live on the Chris Moyles show that Carrie had given birth to a baby girl named Poppy.
Chen Hao (actress)She gave birth to a girl in May 2011.
Tanya DonellyIn April 1999, Donelly and her husband welcomed a daughter, Grace Bee Fisher.
Annie May JacksonIn 1919 she gave birth to a son, Henry Murray Kelcher.
Diablo CodyCody had her second child in 2012.
Brad Jones (footballer)Dani gave birth to Brad's second son Nico in April 2012.
Ron HowardRon Howard became a grandfather when his daughter, Bryce, and son-in-law Seth Gabel welcomed their first child, son Theodore Norman Howard Gabel, on February 16, 2007.
Mary KianiKiani toured in Australia during 2007, as well as gave birth to her second child.
Grace MugabeIn 1997, Grace Mugabe gave birth to the couple's third child, Chatunga.
Rosemarie FranklandIn 1976, she gave birth to their only child together, a daughter, Jessica.
Natali MorrisIn 2010 she gave birth to the couple's first child.
Luke WrightAt 3:30 pm on 27 November 2011, Luke's first child was born, Joshua James, Luke soon posted a picture of him on his Twitter page.
Yllka BerishaShe is pregnant and expected to give birth on 15 May 2013.
Eduardo SantamarinaShe gave birth to their daughter Julia on July 18, 2009 via Caesarean section.
Shaheen SheikShe gave birth to their daughter in 2010.
Tracey UllmanShe left after one season, due to being pregnant and giving birth to her first child in 1986.
Mary Sue HubbardBy this time Mary Sue was pregnant for a fourth time and gave birth to her final child, Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard, on June 6, 1958.
Richard Bacon (broadcaster)On 31 October 2011 his wife gave birth to a son, Arthur, which Bacon revealed on his Twitter account the following day.
Georgina VerbaanVerbaan gave birth to a daughter, Odilia Lilibet van de Wouw, on October 21, 2010.
Courtney Thorne-SmithOn January 11, 2008, she gave birth to their first child, Jacob' Jake' Emerson Fishman.
Arantxa S?nchez VicarioTheir first baby, a girl also named Arantxa, was born on 27 February 2009.
Janelle PierzinaOn August 10, 2013, she gave birth to her and DeSanto's second child, Lincoln William DeSanto.
Jason SpezzaOn June 8, 2010, Spezza's wife Jennifer gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter named Sophia Donna Spezza, at St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto.
Samantha PowerOn April 24, 2009, she gave birth to their first child, Declan Power Sunstein.
Monique Wright Monique gave birth to her first child, a boy, Ettienne Antony Wright Scanlan in March 2010 who weighed in at 3.
Kara DioGuardiTogether, DioGuardi and McCuddy have one son, Greyson James Carroll McCuddy, born via gestational carrier on January 31, 2013.
Jillian ReynoldsShe gave birth to a baby boy, Rocco Rio Reynolds on January 11, 2010.
Keli LaneIn 1999, Lane gave birth to another child and, after being refused an abortion in Queensland, she decided to put the child up for adoption.
Tony BellottoIn 1982, little before the first performances with Titãs do Iê-Iê, his first daughter, Nina, was born to him and his wife Ana Paula Silveira.
Amy WintersShe is married to Sean and in January 2010 she gave birth to their first child Tom.
Chen Jue (martyr)After Chen was killed, his wife gave birth to their daughter in February, 1929.
M. H. HolcroftMcLean was a seamstress and the couple's only child and Holcroft's first-born son Allan, was born in 1924.
Touriya HaoudOn March 6, 2012 Touriya gave birth to their third son, Landan Reid.
Martina von TrappWhile the family was touring the western United States in the winter of 1951, she gave birth to a stillborn daughter (Notburga) and died the same day from complications of the Caesarean section she had undergone.
Pastor MaldonadoMaldonado and his wife welcomed a baby girl named Victoria in September 2013.
Alesha DixonOn 7 October 2013, Dixon's 35th birthday, she stated via Twitter that she had given birth to her daughter, Azura Sienna, the previous week.
Michelle McCoolKaia Faith Calaway was born on August 28, 2012, and is Calaway's fourth child and McCool's first.
Iris Krasnow Krasnow left her job in daily journalism when she gave birth to twins in 1993, making her the mother of four sons under the age of three.
Mary Jepkosgei Keitany She is married to another runner Charles Koech and gave birth to her first child in 2008.
Katie Price In May 2002, she gave birth to her first son, Harvey, in Brighton.
Kris LetangKris and his long term girlfriend Catherine Laflamme welcomed a boy on November 22, 2012 named Alexander Letang.
Ulrika JonssonShe gave birth to their daughter, Bo, in November 2000.
Mike SchleibaumIn April 2011, it was reported on Darkest Hour's official Facebook page that his wife had given birth to their first daughter.
Oliver PalotaiIn early 2013, he and his long time girlfriend, Simone Simons, announced they were expecting their first child.
Yumi YoshimuraOn August 1, 2012, Yoshimura gave birth to a baby boy.
Nadine ShamirOn December 1, 2004, she gave birth to their first child, Liat Nadine Shamir, and died of complications the following day.
David Ball (footballer) Ball's partner gave birth to their first son in October 2011.
Martina StellaIn May 2012, Stella announced she had become pregnant with Gregorini's child, and on October 30, 2012 their daughter Ginevra was born.
Patsy KensitDuring her second marriage, she gave birth to her first child, James in 1993.
Jessie BernardJessie gave brith to their third child, David, in 1950.
Anjanette KirklandIn 2003, she gave birth to daughter Jadin on May 4.
Jim CarreyCarrey announced via his Twitter account on February 27, 2010, that his daughter had given birth to her first child, a boy.
Jawaharlal NehruKamala gave birth to a boy in November 1924, but he lived only for a week.''
AidoniaIn 2013 Aidonia welcomed a baby boy from fiance Kimberly Megan.
Mary SteenburgenIn January 2012, Steenburgen became a grandmother when her daughter Lilly gave birth to a daughter Clementine Mae.
Holly ValanceIn November 2013 Valance gave birth in London to their first child, a daughter, whom the couple named Luka Violet Toni Candy.
David EigenbergHe and his wife, Chrysti (Kotik) Eigenberg, have a son, Louie Steven, born January 19, 2009 weighing 6 lb 9oz.
Cass ElliotElliot gave birth to a daughter, Owen Vanessa Elliot, on April 26, 1967.
Gauri Pradhan TejwaniHiten and Gauri became parents to twins daughter Katya and son Nevaan on 11 November 2009.
Natalie BassingthwaighteBassingthwaighte gave birth to a daughter in August 2010, Harper Rain Sinclair McGlinchey.
Ali ZafarOn 6 March 2010, he became a father to a baby boy, whom he named Azaan Zafar.
Elvan AbeylegesseIn July 2011, she gave birth to a girl named Arsema.
Ani DiFrancoDiFranco gave birth to a daughter, Petah Lucia DiFranco Napolitano, at her Buffalo home on January 20, 2007.
Shilpa ShirodkarShe gave birth to a daughter, Anushka, in 2003, and now she is seen in a daily soap in ZeeTV named Ek Mutthi Aasmaan.
Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich of RussiaIn 1908 she gave birth to a son, Alexander, in Switzerland.
Jo Joyner Joyner announced in July 2009 that she was pregnant with twins as a result of IVF treatment.
Jessica MaraisOn 9 May 2012, Marais gave birth to a baby girl, Scout Edie Stewart.
Mariska HargitayIn October 2011, she and her husband adopted a baby boy, Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann, who had been born in mid-2011.
Eva BraunGretl gave birth to a daughter -- whom she named Eva -- on 5 May 1945.
Anne TriolaA few years later on November 16, 1956, Triola gave birth to a 6-pound, 13-ounce baby girl, whom they named Tina.
Richard PryorIn 1967, his second child and first daughter, Elizabeth Ann, was born to his girlfriend Maxine Anderson.
Cliff ParisiTara gave birth to Cliff's third child a son named Arthur on 28 December 2009.
Catherine, Duchess of CambridgeOn 3 December 2012, St James's Palace announced that the Duchess was expecting her first child.