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Titus ThotawatteTitus Thotawatte - The Viceroy of Sinhala Cinema by T. K. Premadasa (The writer is Ex - Head of Corporate Affairs and Communication of Sri Lanka Export Development Board) (This article appeared in Ceylon Daily News on 19th October 2011 and Asian Tribune on 19th October 2011 - This is noted to respect Titus by writer) Titus is one of the greatest cinematic giants produced by Sri Lanka.
Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq In September 2007, The Times published a news item by Andrew Norfolk accusing Riyadh ul Haq of being the'' homegrown cleric who loathes the British'' and a commentary article from the same author claiming there was a'' hardline takeover of British mosques'' led by ul Haq.
Edgar Speyer#The Boston Journal -- in April 1917, on the advice of John Koren, Speyer had provided a loan to The Boston Journal newspaper to prevent it from going out of business.
Saeed MortazaviMortazavi was a prosecutor on the cases of Roxana Saberi, an American-Iranian journalist accused of spying, and Iranian-Canadian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, whose posts were critical of the establishment During the 2009 election dispute across Iran, Mortazavi has been active in suppressing the protests.
Michel ThomasIn 2001, when the Los Angeles Times published a profile casting doubts about Thomas' war record, he unsuccessfully sued the newspaper for defamation.
Laura SandysAn article in The Sunday Telegraph in October 2009 reported'' Some high-profile women are already installed in winnable seats : Louise Bagshawe, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Priti Patel, Laura Sandys and Joanne Cash will all make colourful additions to the Tory benches.''
L.B.'Kyle' KeilmanWriting a' Marin Voice' column in the Marin Independent Journal in 2006, he charged that Boro was in a'' conflict of interest'' regarding the train, as Boro was chairman of the train's board of directors.
Christopher RuddyIn an October 2008 profile on Ruddy and Newsmax, The Palm Beach Post reported that Newsmax generates close to $ 25 million in revenues and is one of the most trafficked news websites in the U. S.
Deepak ChopraIn 1996, The Weekly Standard published an article which accused Chopra of'' plagiarism and soliciting a prostitute'' ; however, Chopra sued and the paper withdrew its statements and published an apology.
Charles Taze Russell On March 22, 1911, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle published articles accusing Russell of gaining profit from a strain of wheat named'' Miracle Wheat'' by its alleged discoverer, K. B. Stoner of Fincastle, Virginia.
Charles T. BeairdWhen the Shreveport Journal, an afternoon paper, ceased daily publication in 1991, Beaird won a unique agreement with Gannett Co., owner of the morning Shreveport Times with which the Journal had a joint operating agreement, to run'' Journal Page'' an editorial opinion page six days a week in The Times.''
Charles-Th?odore MillotHaving argued strenuously against sending a column to occupy Lang Son in the heat of the Tonkin summer, he emerged unscathed from the official enquiry into the circumstances of the Bac Le Ambush (June 1884).
Alisher Usmanov On 12 November 2012, the British newspaper The Times claimed that London-based PR firm RLM Finsbury had edited Usmanov's article on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia to remove negative information about their client.
Bob MenendezIn November 2012, the conservative political news and opinion website Daily Caller published allegations that Menendez had contact with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.
Larry PickeringPublishing his cartoons online, Pickering became involved in political commentary through his blog,'' The Pickering Post'', where he ran a series of posts in 2012 attacking Prime Minister Julia Gillard over the AWU affair.
Jon MoynihanFinancial Times `` When a lawsuit can descend into economic lunacy for shareholders'' October 2006 Jon challenged the litigation culture in the US in this letter.
Gary WebbIn 2006 the LA Times published The Truth in ` Dark Alliance, in which L. A. Times Managing Editor Leo Wolinsky is quoted saying'' in some ways, Gary got too much blame... He did exactly what you expect from a great investigative reporter.''
David BrockBrock directly addressed the right-wing'' machine'' in his 2004 book, The Republican Noise Machine, in which he detailed an alleged interconnected, concerted effort to raise the profile of conservative opinions in the press through false accusations of liberal media bias, dishonest and highly partisan columnists, partisan news organizations and academic studies, and other methods.
Glenn Beck In January 2011, in protest against what they saw as inappropriate references to the Holocaust and to Nazis by Beck (and by Roger Ailes of Fox News), four hundred rabbis signed an open letter published as a paid advertisement in The Wall Street Journal.
John Collier (reformer)In 1908, Collier made his first significant contribution to a national magazine ; his article describing the socialist municipal government in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was published in Harper's Weekly.
Jim Downey (comedian)Additional and apparently contradictory information about Downey's political affiliation is provided in a New York Times article dated March 13, 2008 titled'' Pro-Clinton ?
Rein Lang On July 23, 2007, Lang's article on Wikipedia was edited by a user identifying as'' Kairioun'', removing a large section on Lang's birthday controversy.
Dan MullerIn a 1964 Milwaukee newspaper article Muller was described by a Taos NM art gallery owner as''... the Russell or Remington of our day''.
Marjory Stoneman DouglasShe joined the staff of the newspaper in 1915, originally as a society columnist writing about tea parties and society events, but news was so slow she later admitted to making up some of her stories :'' Somebody would say,' Who's that Mrs. T. Y. Washrag you've got in your column ?'
Mario BataliIn May 2013, Batali co-wrote an opinion article with chef Bill Telepan for the New York Daily News, in which the two wrote that'' Fracking... could do serious damage to -LSB- New York's -RSB- agricultural industry and hurt businesses, like ours, that rely on safe, healthy, locally sourced foods.''
Marshall Poe Poe has become known for his commentary on Wikipedia following the publication of his article'' The Hive'' in The Atlantic Monthly in 2006.
Paul Dacre In late September and October 2013, Dacre became the subject of criticism across the UK media and political spectrum after the Daily Mail published a piece on 28 September maligning Ralph Miliband, a deceased Marxist academic and father of the Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband.
Nigel LawsonIn 2011, Bob Ward claimed the GWPF was'' spreading errors'' and'' the' facts''' Lawson'' repeats are demonstrably inaccurate'' Ward referred to Lawson's'' many times'' repeated statement that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change worst case scenario predicted the rise in Third World living standards in 100 years would be limited to just nine times current levels.
Robert McHenryIn November 2004, McHenry wrote an article for Tech Central Station (later renamed TCS Daily) in which he criticized Wikipedia, a free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
Sarah, Duchess of YorkIn August 1992, surreptitiously taken photographs of the Duchess sunbathing topless with John Bryan, an American financial manager, were published in the British tabloid Daily Mirror.
David Landau (journalist)While working for the Jerusalem Post, he was one of the organizers who staged a walkout of journalists in 1990, claiming the paper's new owner was commandeering its editorial line and seeking to turn the paper into a platform for right-wing views.
Eddie VedderIn 1992, Spin printed an article by Vedder, entitled'' Reclamation'', which detailed his views on abortion.
Jan WongPrime Minister Stephen Harper denounced Wong's article in a letter to the newspaper published on September 21, 2006 saying that her'' argument is patently absurd and without foundation.''
Howell Raines Raines reviewed his tenure as Executive Editor in an extended, 21,000-word piece published in the May 2004 issue of the The Atlantic.
Jorge CauzIn July 2006, Cauz personally entered the fray in an interview in The New Yorker, in which he stated that Wikipedia would'' decline into a hulking, mediocre mass of uneven, unreliable, and, many times, unreadable articles'' and that'' Wikipedia is to Britannica as American Idol is to the Juilliard School.''
Lee Kuan Yew In 1999, the former Singaporean President Devan Nair, who was living in exile in Canada, remarked in an interview with the Toronto The Globe and Mail that Lee's technique of suing his opponents into bankruptcy or oblivion was an abrogation of political rights.
Matt RidleyIn 2007 the environmentalist George Monbiot wrote an article in The Guardian connecting Ridley's libertarian economic philosophy and the # 27 billion failure of Northern Rock.
Edwin WalkerTheir conflict blew up every few months, until on April 16, 1961, the Weekly published a front page article accusing him of brainwashing his troops with John Birch Society materials supplied to him by Hargis.
Lanny Davis Glenn Greenwald, a lawyer and columnist for Salon, criticized Davis in 2009 for Davis's perceived failure to disclose his clients.
Sean WilentzThe article received an immediate national response from conservatives ; National Review attacked Wilentz's analysis as'' blinkered'' and called him'' the modern Arthur Schlesinger Jr.'' Wilentz followed up during the 2008 general election with another article in Rolling Stone, describing how the failures of the Bush administration had caused a'' political meltdown'' of the Republican Party, with potentially enormous long-term effects.
Jerry Falwell In February 1999, an unsigned article that media outlets attributed to Falwell was published in the National Liberty Journal -- a promotional publication of the university he founded -- claimed that the purple Teletubby named Tinky Winky was intended as a gay role model.
Bj?rn Lomborg : Main article : The Skeptical Environmentalist In 1998, Lomborg published four essay s about the state of the environment in the leading Danish newspaper Politiken, which according to him'' resulted in a firestorm debate spanning over 400 articles in major metropolitan newspapers.''
Sebastian HorsleyIn an editorial article in The Observer in 2004, he described his preference for sex with prostitute s, writing'' What I hate with women generally is the intimacy, the invasion of my innermost space, the slow strangulation of my art.''
Mark P. McCahillIn February 2010, Mark McCahill was revealed by Peter Ludlow (Urizenus Sklar) to be the Internet persona Pixeleen Mistral, the editor of The Alphaville Herald, a newspaper covering virtual worlds founded by Ludlow.
David Koch (television presenter)On 16 April 2013, Koch was criticised after suggesting that the Boston Marathon bombings could have' Irish' link.
Wayne Madsen On June 30, 2013, The Observer, which is owned by The Guardian, in London published a front page story sourced from a blog in which Madsen had been interviewed regarding his views on claims by whistleblower Edward Snowden, alleging connections between the National Security Agency and several European governments known as ECHELON.
Willy T. RibbsIn May 2006, a newspaper column by Jason Whitlock of Knight-Ridder quoted Ribbs detailing his criticism of NASCAR and his lauding of the Indianapolis 500.
Julie BurchillOn 13 January 2013, Burchill wrote an article for The Observer defending Suzanne Moore after a reference by Moore to transsexuals had been greeted with a great deal of criticism.
Patrick Ryan (Irish priest)The controversy was heightened by the publication of a letter in The Guardian of 7 December 1988 from a British diplomat accusing Mrs Thatcher of'' double standard s on terrorism'' for insisting on Fr Ryan's extradition while failing to pursue the extradition of the Coventry Four from South Africa four years earlier.
Hunter S. ThompsonThompson organized rallies, provided legal support, and co-wrote an article in the June 2004 issue of Vanity Fair outlining the case.
Gerald Gardiner, Baron GardinerHe represented the Daily Mirror and its columnist Cassandra (William Neil Connor) in a notable libel trial in 1959 when the pianist Liberace claimed that a newspaper article imputed that he was homosexual.
Erick EricksonThe analysis from one of Erickson's'' Morning Briefing'' emails, just after the November 2009 election, was posted on the website of Human Events, referred to on the website of The American Spectator, and by Rush Limbaugh, and'' fueled discussion later that morning at two influential weekly meetings of -LSB- Washington, -RSB- D. C. conservatives'', according to an article in the Washington Post.
Leland Yee In a Thursday, February 14, 2013 Los Angeles Times online local politics news story article by Maria La Ganga, Yee stated that he had received an e-mailed warning, which was immediately reported to police, sometime around the third week of January 2013.
Kevin Reilly (Louisiana politician)In a speech before the Louisiana Broadcasters Association in February 1986, Reilly's legislative colleague Ron Gomez of Lafayette, himself a journalist, questioned Reilly's judgment in making such statements to the magazine : -LSB- He -RSB- was wearing farming coveralls which were so short that they exposed his bare ankles over a pair of brogans.
Igor PanarinIn October 2011, Panarin stated that Occupy Wall Street protests have'' highlighted the ever-deepening split with America's ruling elite.''
Ariel (DJ)In Friday, 21 August 1998, The Evening Standard newspaper in London ran a 2 page article citing Ariel's `` Techno set at Bagley's'' as the main responsible cause of Class A drug consumption in the King's Cross area of London.
Andrew OrlowskiIn a 2005 BBC article, Bill Thompson said Orlowski was'' scathing in his dismissal of the site as a cult-like organisation where faith triumphs rationality, and even suggests we look at Wikipedia as' a massively scalable, online role-playing game' where' players can assume fictional online identities and many'' editors'' do just that'.''
Frank P. RamseyIn 1929 Ramsey and Wittgenstein regularly discussed issues in mathematics and philosophy with Piero Sraffa, an Italian economist who had been brought to Cambridge by Keynes after Sraffa had aroused Benito Mussolini's ire by publishing an article critical of the Fascist regime in the Manchester Guardian.
Charles Grafton PageFollowing his appearance in the 1848 Morse v O'Reilly lawsuit over the telegraph, Page took a more careful stance in his role as patent examiner.
Jon Moynihan The Times'' Fur flies over consultancies' ad spend'' June 2000 Jon was quoted in The Times of London as having a distaste for brand advertising in the consulting industry.
Syd BarrettIn an article published in 2006, in response to notions that Barrett's problems were the result of such, Gilmour was quoted as saying :'' In my opinion, his nervous breakdown would have happened anyway.
Godfrey MwakikagileThe report of his death which included President Robert Mugabe's long message of condolence on behalf of the government and the ruling party ZANU-PF was published in the Zimbabwean government-owned newspaper, The Herald, 22 August 2007, and was headlined,'' President Mourns David Martin.''
David Grossack In 1998, Grossack authored a book entitled How To Win A Lawsuit Without Hiring A Lawyer, which explained in great detail many of the aspects of legal self-representation.
Ahirudin AttanHowever, Ahirudin has stated in a press conference on 23 January 2007 that he has previous engaged Ooi in a'' healthy'' exchange of words :'' There was name calling (by the blog readers), -LSB- Ooi -RSB- used his blog space to criticise and I used my column in the -LSB- New -RSB- Sunday Times to respond.
Alex FergusonAccording to a Billy Adams Sunday Herald article on 30 May 1999, the official version is that Ferguson was sacked for various breaches of contract including unauthorised payments to players.
Neville CardusHis first published cricket report, on the following day, showed little sign of his later characteristic style :'' I simply had no intention of writing on cricket for any length of time ; this was a spare-time affair... and I fitted myself into the idioms and procedures of the sporting writers of 1919''.
Aaron Swartz Swartz volunteered as an editor at Wikipedia, and in 2006, he ran unsuccessfully for the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Directors.
Thomas Sowell Sowell compared President Barack Obama's actions to Adolf Hitler's in a June 2010 editorial for Investor's Business Daily titled'' Is U. S.
John A. JenkinsEleven years later, Rehnquist wrote to Jack Rosenthal, the editor of The Times Magazine : `` You are correct that I did give an interview to John Jenkins for the article which appeared in your magazine in 1985 ; it may have been in part the impression that article made on me that led me to decide not to grant any such interviews in the future.''
Conrad Burns In February 2006 it was reported that an unidentified member of Burns' staff had sought to alter his biographical encyclopedia article on Wikipedia, in order to remove mention of pejorative comments he had made and insert in its place'' glowing'' praise as'' the voice of the farmer''.
Peter TorkIn early 2008, Tork added'' advice columnist'' to his extensive resume by authoring an online advice and info column called'' Ask Peter Tork'' at the webzine The Daily Panic.
B. H. RobertsRoberts resigned as an editor of the Salt Lake Herald in 1896 giving his reason that the position that the paper had taken on the recent' Manifesto' was apt to place him in a false light.
Alec Ross (innovator)After joining Obama's presidential campaign in 2006, Ross was charged with coordinating hundreds of policy advisers -- including high-tech titans like Google chief executive Eric Schmidt, academics like Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, nonprofit leaders and investors.
Andrew LanderyouHe clashed with another political blogger, Stephen Mayne, in 2006 when they accused each other of being spiv s. Landeryou's blog has been archived by the National Library of Australia.
Yoweri Museveni In 2009, many news sources reported on Jeff Sharlet's investigation regarding ties between Museveni and the American fundamentalist Christian organization The Fellowship (also known as'' The Family'').
Jack AbramoffOn April 27, 1998, Abramoff wrote a letter to the editor of The Seattle Times rebutting an article critical of him and his alleged role as effectively a Public Relations puppet of the then - apartheid South African military.
John William Crombie Usually described as a Radical or Gladstonian, Crombie was an orthodox free-trader, as his letter to the editor of The Times newspaper of 6 October 1903 demonstrated.
Daniel SchneidermannIn an experiment intended to test the capacity of Wikipedia to tolerate a critical discussion about itself, and to observe the collective editing of its articles, he introduced the two following sentences into the present article :'' In 2005, with David Abiker and Judith Bernard, he created the Big Bang Blog, in order to explore `` everything which cracks apart and everything which resists'' in the world of media.
Sid McMathThe Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, in an October 7, 2003 editorial ('' Greatness Passed This Way'') written by editorial page editor Paul Greenberg, himself a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, lauded McMath as,'' -LSB- T -RSB- he greatest -LSB- man -RSB- of his era and of a few others.''''
Peter JayIn 1972, Jay co-authored, with his friend John Birt, a series of articles for The Times where they criticised standard television journalism and developed what came to be called their'' mission to explain''.
John RedwoodRedwood of course subsequently learned the anthem but, in August 2007, when an unconnected news story on Redwood was illustrated with the same clip, Tory activists complained and the BBC apologised to him.
Yusif Vazir ChamanzaminliOn June 9, 1937, at least seven articles appeared in the newspaper Adabiyyat, accusing him of being a counter-revolutionary.
Piers MorganMorgan described in a 2006 article he wrote for the Daily Mail how he had heard tapes of messages that Paul McCartney had left for his wife, Heather Mills, on her mobile phone.
Amar BoseIn a 2004 interview in Popular Science magazine, he said :'' I would have been fired a hundred times at a company run by MBAs.
Craig ChandlerChandler wrote a controversial pre-Tory convention article for the March 15, 2005 issue of the Globe and Mail newspaper in which he criticized pro same-sex marriage MP Belinda Stronach, then a Conservative, as'' a well-known liberal who has successfully infiltrated the new Conservative Party of Canada.''
Scott Stringer On August 28, 2001, Village Voice political writer Wayne Barrett wrote a lengthy piece entitled,'' Mother Dearest & the Courthouse Cabal,'' in which he discussed Stringer's involvement in courtroom politics, specifically questioning how Stringer's parents had benefited financially from his political ties, and whether some of his campaign contributors had done unethical things.
Michael BackmanHe provided an affidavit on behalf of Time Magazine when it was sued in a Jakarta court by former President Soeharto for defamation over an article it published on 24 May 1999, called ` Suharto's Billions' in which Backman was quoted.
Jim McGovern (American politician)On March 25, 2008, the Wall Street Journal published an unsigned editorial suggesting that McGovern supported the Marxist FARC rebels in Colombia.
Amanda FilipacchiIn July 2013, she wrote a personal essay for the The Wall Street Journal, which more humorously described the aftermath of the controversy, discussing how she became engrossed in discussions on Wikipedia and criticism site Wikipediocracy.
Jonathan PollardIn a letter to the editor of The Wall Street Journal, published on July 5, 2012, James Woolsey wrote that he now supports release of the convicted spy for Israel, citing the passage of time :'' When I recommended against clemency, Pollard had been in prison less than a decade.
Edwin WalkerA front page story on Walker in the October 7, 1962, issue of the Worker, a Communist Party newspaper to which Oswald subscribed, warned'' the Kennedy administration and the American people of the need for action against -LSB- Walker -RSB- and his allies.''
Roger RevelleWhen Gore was running for the vice-presidential nomination in 1992, The New Republic picked up on the contrast between the references to Revelle in Gore's book, Earth in the Balance, and the views in the Cosmos article that could now be attributed to Revelle.
Paul BarryUpon launching the book, Barry dismissed the criticism, calling the book'' fair'' and'' considered'' In August 2011 Barry was appointed as a senior writer at Private Media's The Power Index,'' a free website -LSB- which -RSB- offers daily news, views and features about power and influence in Australia.''
Dickie Rock In 2008, an anonymous employee of the stricken financial company Anglo Irish Bank made lewd comments about Dickie Rock on this Wikipedia page.
Murdoch MacKayHe debated former political rival Al Mackling in a series of letters to the editor in 2006, on the subject of collective bargaining.
Ben WashamIn addition to Washam's animation skill, Jones cited him as an able writer based on a 1981 letter as quoted in Chuck Reducks.
Sheldon Whitehouse; U. S. Attorney controversy Whitehouse received notice in a June 2007 opinion piece from journalist (senior editorial writer) Michael McGough of the Los Angeles Times for Whitehouse's careful questioning and thoughtful statements, and his understanding that the less said, the more effective his efforts may be.
LiberaceIn 1956, an article in the Daily Mirror by columnist Cassandra (William Connor) described Liberace as''... the summit of sex -- the pinnacle of masculine, feminine, and neuter.
Jeff GerstmannHe shared his thoughts on a variety of other subjects every Monday on his GameSpot blog before his dismissal from GameSpot in 2007 following a scandal over his review of Kane & Lynch : Dead Men.
Ronald Burkle Burkle's investments and transactions include : In April 2006, Burkle accused New York Post columnist Jared Paul Stern of attempting to extort money from him in exchange for stopping the publication of stories in Page Six, the paper's gossip column, about his private life.