Learned event classes from 242,970 Wikipedia biographies, along with age means/standard deviations and gender representation. Sort by each column by clicking on the column header. Click on each class for lots more info.

idAge meanAge s.d.% Fem.words
1495.2942.6512.1statue, unveiled, memorial, plaque, anniversary, erected, monument, death, bronze, memory
47292.3946.0613.0national, historic, park, state, house, named, memorial, home, honor, museum
36983.6235.7915.0stamp, named, issued, team, century, australian, series, anniversary, service, rugby league
20882.6641.4321.8film, portrayed, played, based, movie, actor, novel, character, life, starring
17981.9840.3923.8film, music, museum, book, released, work, published, history, american, part
25081.3945.1111.4wrote, book, death, years, time, said, made, work, john, history
26280.849.9513.8died, age, death, home, california, aged, new york, hospital, cancer, heart attack
44677.336.3016.9published, biography, book, wrote, life, press, john, edited, written, work
42876.5515.2715.3died, wife, survived, age, aged, death, years, two, children, daughter
25376.0834.4414.8collection, museum, library, art, donated, sold, works, death, auction, work
16975.9911.039.9died, aged, buried, london, age, death, home, cemetery, paris, hospital
44375.5829.339.9named, honor, renamed, opened, honour, new, school, street, building, stadium
39174.0712.4316.2died, death, lived, retired, moved, age, retirement, life, home, wife
8673.7312.717.6died, cemetery, buried, interred, age, death, home, california, new york, park
32272.5213.6912.4died, hospital, age, death, complications, cancer, home, heart attack, washington, stroke
46671.516.7214.8died, death, birthday, age, days, years, heart attack, later, home, two
6670.1714.0112.5died, age, death, cancer, aged, home, disease, heart attack, battle, complications
30669.4925.2312.8died, buried, cemetery, funeral, held, church, remains, death, body, memorial
1268.3423.9614.7university, school, million, established, foundation, center, named, honor, donated
18568.028.496.3retired, death, served, position, retirement, assumed, remained, senior status, held, capacity
31766.7624.4617.7published, death, book, work, years, last, volume, two, works, wrote
41466.0514.7114.4continued, death, retired, work, retirement, remained, active, died, age, life
33864.6215.143.4pope, cardinal, appointed, archbishop, created, congregation, paul, consistory, pope benedict xvi, john
34864.3833.2614.0work, book, published, wrote, art, literary, works, life, poetry, writing
22362.8124.1611.1fame, inducted, hall, sports hall, elected, national, football hall, international, athletic hall, member
16162.659.156.5retired, years, retirement, service, age, served, resigned, politics, due, army
31262.3316.6624.8award, received, awarded, awards, arts, lifetime achievement award, prize, music, recipient, honored
5961.5417.8920.0awarded, medal, award, received, prize, freedom, peace, work, presidential, national
12259.0614.1716.9awarded, university, received, honorary doctorate, honorary degree, degree, doctor, college, honorary
38758.8616.1410.0awarded, award, received, prize, medal, society, research, contributions, awards, work
19658.6821.7418.8day, held, city, annual, anniversary, honor, honored, birthday, parade, mayor
39758.1720.248.3church, bishop, catholic, archbishop, orthodox, pope, bishops, vatican, council, cardinal
10857.9512.648.8house, county, baron, life, peer, lords, made, created, peerage, appointed
15557.8817.6812.9died, hospital, ill, death, suffered, heart attack, age, fell, health, home
28757.6618.4812.6awarded, order, title, received, government, award, merit, president, cross, highest
40557.6413.8915.1order, appointed, british empire, made, services, officer, awarded, honours, member, birthday honours
38156.3611.618.2president, office, prime minister, elected, government, appointed, resigned, term, new, post
47956.1821.4222.1documentary, film, produced, directed, documentary film, life, featured, series, released, television
45955.5118.4320.4award, received, association, awarded, distinguished, service, awards, outstanding, honored, recipient
16555.2512.0211.2announced, resigned, resignation, position, due, retirement, resign, citing, health, post
24255.0718.2524.0published, autobiography, book, released, wrote, life, memoir, entitled, titled, biography
40054.9112.047.9chairman, board, president, ceo, became, company, directors, appointed, position, resigned
32954.8712.859.4iraq, war, u. s., nuclear, military, government, invasion, united states, afghanistan, said
30354.6314.3012.7committee, house, senate, president, congress, republican, vote, u. s., senator, speech
2854.4111.6611.9term, re-election, run, re-elected, office, seek, election, ran, elected, announced
47454.4117.686.2company, sold, million, group, team, bought, club, business, owner, purchased
354.3911.8012.0candidate, party, election, president, presidential election, elections, elected, ran, votes, presidency
38954.1622.4610.5german, published, war, hitler, nazi, jews, germany, book, wrote, jewish
27253.6119.5216.3million, estimated, worth, forbes, list, net, total, wealth, ranked, world
44453.4712.2711.5appointed, committee, commission, member, chairman, government, national, council, served, report
6053.414.099.6elected, fellow, sciences, academy, member, arts, royal society, became, american academy, national academy
153.3628.2926.9greatest, ranked, list, magazine, time, voted, poll, top, named, best
8953.3212.9710.4president, ambassador, united states, appointed, visit, china, u. s., state, prime minister, first
24353.125.5325.3death, died, father, family, mother, said, interview, wrote, son, daughter
3552.9111.6115.5act, bill, voted, law, legislation, amendment, introduced, passed, state, signed
31352.8517.3314.3de, des, french, awarded, france, la, chevalier, et, arts, legion
48452.8318.7918.6married, death, years, died, marriage, divorced, wife, later, children, two
10152.8316.1614.4said, people, wrote, will, interview, stated, god, life, saying, n't
46352.7715.8815.9lecture, conference, gave, delivered, lectures, international, invited, held, university, annual
11052.6411.6414.4election, campaign, republican, governor, run, state, race, democratic, political, senate
37652.4712.1310.6governor, appointed, elected, term, office, supreme court, resigned, senate, fill, seat
49152.4416.3013.0israel, israeli, palestinian, gaza, war, government, peace, jewish, state, arab
42352.4415.5117.1interview, said, news, president, asked, show, made, told, stated, saying
41852.4317.1221.7diagnosed, cancer, surgery, underwent, death, treatment, disease, announced, died, hospital
21752.2627.6311.1died, father, death, succeeded, became, son, inherited, title, aged, upon
2952.2419.6818.8suffered, death, died, stroke, health, life, began, left, suffering, disease
48852.2216.1614.3supreme court, v., court, case, judge, decision, u. s., united states, state, law
48252.2211.4413.7scandal, expenses, government, committee, minister, police, resigned, report, made, following
5751.9513.248.6financial, company, government, bank, economic, crisis, million, market, stock, said
7051.8713.338.0party, government, political, elections, new, however, election, resigned, left, leadership
14751.7512.6411.2investigation, charges, federal, office, committee, commission, campaign, fraud, state, former
27351.7511.868.9appointed, judge, court, became, counsel, queen, justice, supreme court, high court, chief justice
35451.727.3814.9confirmed, received, commission, united states senate, senate, nomination, vote, same day, committee, judiciary
46151.6913.0312.7board, served, president, appointed, elected, member, chairman, association, directors, became
15451.5722.3621.6exhibition, museum, gallery, art, work, show, new york, held, retrospective, exhibited
27451.576.302.4chief, staff, promoted, command, commander, air, appointed, general, became, army
10451.4111.231.2bishop, appointed, archbishop, diocese, pope, consecrated, named, cathedral, auxiliary bishop, titular bishop
30851.412.9313.3since, member, research, became, international, council, institute, board, appointed, president
24651.3920.3911.0published, book, war, wrote, account, experiences, history, years, time, american
5251.1812.404.7war, british, german, germany, government, french, france, military, britain, peace
41650.9712.9015.1elections, seat, party, election, elected, list, candidate, parliament, lost, knesset
20550.8715.8912.3court, case, appeal, charges, trial, judge, justice, supreme court, government, criminal
37950.8515.6010.6president, society, elected, association, member, became, american, served, royal, institute
13850.7710.8913.3state, tax, government, budget, act, new, city, plan, announced, bill
40650.7712.8313.2government, bill, parliament, house, act, vote, referendum, speech, commons, law
4450.7613.1911.4general election, labour, party, election, government, labour party, leader, prime minister, liberal, conservative
42250.7515.689.7land, city, park, new, built, building, company, construction, county, development
37550.5515.679.6republican, governor, defeated, former, ran, democrat, seat, election, louisiana, primary
1550.5511.2413.4leadership, leader, party, election, liberal party, liberal, premier, announced, became, resigned
5150.3711.0913.6defeated, republican, vote, election, votes, ran, general election, re-election, defeating, democrat
6750.3410.468.3minister, appointed, cabinet, government, became, prime minister, served, ministry, president, post
15250.3121.759.8design, work, new, architecture, book, building, published, project, time, years
22050.313.7417.8book, published, wrote, released, books, american, author, entitled, america, article
48050.2310.3011.4election, seat, re-elected, general election, votes, defeated, majority, lost, vote, government
47050.2319.5929.6episode, appeared, doctor, series, bbc, show, role, special, played, character
27649.9112.1614.9committee, house, chairman, member, senate, elected, served, appointed, became, chair
1349.918.4817.5died, death, found, home, dead, committed suicide, apartment, morning, hotel, shot
20049.8110.287.0governor, candidate, unsuccessful candidate, congress, ran, reelection, renomination, election, run, lieutenant governor
26049.6613.9916.7international, global, development, world, conference, economic, united nations, forum, peace
36349.5129.139.0war, army, general, officer, honor, medal, service, died, killed, born
34549.314.8414.5article, published, wrote, newspaper, magazine, news, daily, journal, interview, reported
14249.0413.6010.6college, president, university, became, appointed, position, school, dean, professor
34948.9713.9712.0nominated, president, seat, judge, vacated, circuit, united states district court, district, appeals, united states court
41148.8215.3211.7published, book, work, social, theory, history, political, philosophy, wrote, study
43148.7417.2327.4appeared, show, episode, life, television, interview, featured, interviewed, guest, live
18948.6716.2317.6filed, lawsuit, million, court, sued, legal, suit, pay, case, bankruptcy
47748.6212.5615.3appointed, secretary, president, director, administration, office, department, served, state, united states
25448.5614.9314.2professor, university, school, law, studies, institute, visiting, since, fellow
20748.4715.0718.5campaign, presidential, presidential campaign, president, presidential election, john, republican, democratic, senator, governor
37248.418.1917.4prince, king, royal, queen, george, jubilee, palace, wales, princess, coronation
14348.318.8823.5album, song, released, recorded, songs, tribute, produced, band, cover, music
6848.2713.289.3party, became, joined, member, national, left, elected, new, leader, democratic
3748.0718.4420.4president, kennedy, john, king, f., washington, white house, martin, luther, assassination
22747.9212.967.7party, president, republican, convention, governor, presidential, state, nomination, election, delegate
18847.7717.9026.1tour, show, stage, due, years, returned, performance, concert, continued, career
9247.768.9816.7minister, appointed, cabinet, state, government, became, secretary, shadow, affairs, election
29647.6816.9821.5television, radio, bbc, tv, broadcast, programme, show, news, appeared, interview
24447.614.9527.5award, prize, book, best, novel, awards, received, awarded, poetry, published
23547.5912.4511.2appointed, ambassador, united nations, served, became, representative, special, president, office, united states
9547.4417.325.3practice, law, moved, returned, resumed, continued, retired, death, died, business
19247.4116.7819.7published, poetry, book, press, edited, poems, collection, work, anthology, new
5047.3421.8429.3film, directed, de, la, played, based, role, novel, appeared, french
31947.3314.3119.7health, medical, research, use, public, act, report, government, drug, published
5347.2119.169.3india, pakistan, party, gandhi, indian, singh, congress, government, state, khan
25947.1918.3833.8episode, made, film, appeared, role, appearance, played, case, last, television
44247.0518.0730.7concert, performed, hall, appeared, london, show, live, performance, tribute, festival
10546.9814.3815.2conference, international, congress, held, first, attended, delegate, delegation, peace, member
10246.9413.1712.8j., r., a., m., s., d., c., l., g., e.
546.7316.658.7published, journal, book, work, research, paper, wrote, papers, scientific, first
34246.5915.5821.7released, album, records, cd, music, songs, recorded, label, release, new
9146.5811.9214.2district, representatives, seat, ran, house, elected, congressional district, republican, run, incumbent
49046.4818.8313.3de, la, published, le, book, du, les, paris, et, work
36846.4818.2717.6published, article, magazine, wrote, book, issue, appeared, first, story, review
15946.3419.7925.4wrote, interview, music, said, film, described, critic, work, magazine, voice
13046.2415.987.3published, work, book, history, english, works, first, der, wrote, translation
17846.2216.3011.2prison, released, years, sentence, sentenced, months, parole, federal, serving, served
33446.1110.571.2coach, season, manager, named, team, general manager, hired, league, became, head coach
14946.0315.8721.4published, collection, book, poems, poetry, books, stories, short stories, novel, wrote
22546.0119.0616.7orchestra, piano, concerto, performed, music, symphony, works, recorded, premiered, work
26145.8918.7113.3died, accident, killed, death, near, crash, car, involved, car accident, injured
14445.7716.907.4soviet, russian, moscow, stalin, soviet union, became, revolution, russia, republic, government
15045.7312.204.8president, appointed, governor, secretary, state, general, war, united states, commission, u. s.
22645.569.683.2coach, club, manager, team, head coach, appointed, national team, became, season, fc
37845.5415.119.7building, designed, design, house, church, built, new, work, completed, street
44545.517.3918.7sexual, police, abuse, two, child, allegations, case, arrested, accused, sex
6245.512.364.0appointed, became, war, chief, promoted, commissioner, police, royal, general, army
34345.4912.8711.5elected, member, parliament, constituency, party, elections, election, house, became, assembly
48645.4617.4925.7foundation, founded, organization, children, established, education, work, community, non-profit, charity
31045.315.6510.2sentenced, guilty, years, prison, charges, convicted, found, pleaded, counts, months
8245.2632.5118.8name, birth, death, date, born, year, died, age, according, years
32845.2511.4711.0seat, elected, election, member, australian, parliament, labor, legislative assembly, house, party
4145.1715.6615.7protest, arrested, police, meeting, rally, government, day, public, part, protests
10745.1218.3516.0house, moved, home, near, family, bought, built, purchased, lived, estate
24844.9914.4219.7book, published, books, work, wrote, illustrated, press, first, released, children
5644.99.191.4season, club, manager, team, sacked, league, relegation, two, left, however
45144.8522.9619.8walk, star, fame, hollywood, boat, race, henley, received, club, stars
43644.8510.582.2head coach, coach, season, hired, named, assistant, coaching, position, fired, team
29944.8415.4829.0bbc, series, appeared, documentary, presented, show, programme, television, channel, tv
43044.7720.1618.2film, show, appeared, movie, played, friend, died, death, actor, jack
33244.718.4027.6published, wrote, book, death, novel, life, letter, work, written, friend
19444.6911.0810.9elected, riding, ran, federal election, candidate, provincial election, election, first, legislature, commons
19044.5918.9610.9china, chinese, people, government, republic, japanese, army, wang, communist party, beijing
27744.5914.4211.4contract, announced, season, show, end, left, signed, leave, years, however
47144.5614.404.8government, military, coup, led, army, president, power, national, general, leader
30544.2812.0611.2general election, elected, seat, parliament, constituency, mp, member, candidate, stood, labour
1844.2817.729.5king, ii, emperor, government, prince, war, appointed, became, kingdom, imperial
36044.2715.3421.2media, controversy, made, attention, public, comments, received, criticism, show, news
22444.0814.9411.6government, arrested, intelligence, police, u. s., united states, reported, security, killed, said
35744.0113.573.4company, became, president, railroad, bank, corporation, business, moved, founded, later
39844.0117.6124.3interview, said, n't, stated, saying, told, like, time, just, people
7743.9815.6317.5school, education, students, college, schools, university, teaching, program, new
8743.9514.7231.4named, magazine, list, people, most influential, top, world, year, women, business
3043.8918.5515.1music, works, work, piano, musical, composer, wrote, first, opera, composed
48343.8217.9529.5voice, film, animated, role, series, character, voiced, disney, played, movie
6543.7915.5413.8trial, murder, case, court, charges, guilty, jury, judge, death, convicted
32443.6617.874.8game, world series, stadium, retired, number, first, season, team, baseball
12343.616.5526.6theatre, play, musical, theater, directed, production, performed, wrote, produced, stage
47843.4912.2513.0mayor, elected, city, city council, ran, council, election, board, first, district
18643.3414.858.1company, founded, group, investment, firm, chairman, business, became, capital, management
49543.3215.348.6arrested, sentenced, years, prison, trial, death, court, convicted, months, war
29743.2915.1812.7align, left, center, win, solid, none, style, right, loss, united states
33643.1813.3311.8sports, network, analyst, espn, commentator, coverage, games, radio, football, nfl
43943.1313.9633.7opera, production, role, sang, performance, premiere, conducted, la, festival, first
10643.1114.0521.3film, directed, announced, novel, based, movie, released, screenplay, director, wrote
3443.0810.716.1appointed, became, department, head, secretary, ministry, director, chief, state, deputy
5542.9415.8133.5played, film, appeared, adaptation, starred, role, television, novel, play, bbc
38542.9314.4021.1live, band, released, tour, album, recorded, concert, performed, songs, played
26842.9114.878.9college, university, appointed, professor, became, lecturer, london, fellow, oxford
39042.8913.5225.7arts, awarded, foundation, award, received, fellowship, music, grant, art, international
45442.8512.1111.4space, nasa, mission, flight, center, program, selected, crew, station, aboard
30042.8514.1726.1published, novel, book, wrote, life, film, work, story, family
10042.8513.806.9von, hitler, german, ss, berlin, became, germany, nazi, appointed, joined
28442.7916.1627.3film, role, played, appeared, movie, starring, starred, john, films, james
34442.7615.2115.2jpg, file, image, right, px, portrait, oil, left, museum, canvas
45042.6615.0119.7president, became, association, society, elected, member, national, first, club, women
13442.5713.7816.3university, teaching, professor, college, taught, faculty, school, department, joined
8442.459.401.5manager, appointed, club, coach, left, assistant manager, following, became, joined, role
9042.3211.4929.1published, novel, book, books, released, first novel, first, series, writing, best
44942.313.4812.4union, workers, strike, labor, became, national, president, federation, led, general
42542.2415.6022.8earthquake, relief, victims, hurricane, haiti, tsunami, raise, help, charity, money
942.1814.9435.9women, rights, gay, national, political, movement, became, campaign, organization, group
2242.1417.767.9family, boss, murder, crime, mafia, arrested, became, gang, john, prison
38642.1315.7913.5conductor, orchestra, became, music, appointed, opera, director, symphony orchestra, music director, since
40841.9518.9913.1de, president, la, josé, spanish, government, juan, san, spain, became
11541.9415.7029.6show, appeared, made, late, television, guest, episode, hosted, host, nbc
40941.9214.2227.6film, award, film festival, best, international film festival, jury, cannes film festival, directed, awards, short film
35641.7813.866.1theory, published, work, paper, first, research, known, new, physics, book
45241.7423.024.1players, named, ranked, baseball, greatest, top, list, best, team, prospect
15341.7216.8518.1painting, portrait, painted, work, paintings, exhibited, art, works, exhibition, gallery
26541.6113.203.6team, season, record, led, conference, coach, championship, first, win, bowl
16341.3415.2611.5firm, law firm, partner, joined, law, became, career, office, founded, legal
42141.2311.256.3professor, university, became, department, appointed, institute, physics, director, faculty
10941.217.888.1church, became, pastor, ordained, president, conference, methodist, first, served, bishop
23341.1611.458.9elected, served, house, representatives, delegate, member, district, state, county, senate
4341.1413.0314.7company, film, films, television, production, studio, production company, pictures, disney, studios
19841.1224.8313.3sultan, bin, ali, born, khan, al, king, father, shah, prince
38841.0711.976.0research, war, became, director, office, intelligence, nuclear, joined, department, work
34641.0112.2217.0film, music, best, score, song, wrote, composed, academy award, original, nominated
21440.915.4711.0political, became, revolution, movement, politics, left, life, began, government, social
48540.8112.472.1promoted, rank, captain, retired, army, lieutenant, colonel, major, brigadier general, commander
23940.6514.8420.0radio, show, program, host, began, station, hosted, radio show, radio station, became
49840.5926.226.0record, season, career, player, set, all-time, history, became, games, points
18040.4514.8831.1episode, appeared, series, western, nbc, starring, played, starred, abc, cbs
11140.3611.513.4coach, team, appointed, cricket, season, club, coaching, australia, australian, announced
42740.2313.0819.5work, art, series, began, works, painting, paintings, exhibition, artist, created
46440.215.2744.1award, best, role, nominated, nomination, received, supporting, performance, film, actress
25840.1413.244.4patent, company, first, design, new, system, built, used, developed
840.1414.1620.4column, magazine, writing, since, began, weekly, newspaper, wrote, articles, daily
1039.9114.033.7railway, company, became, appointed, engineer, construction, london, government, line, work
13739.8512.551.7army, war, command, commander, part, battle, division, corps, forces, took
28239.6210.439.7became, joined, company, director, vice president, chief, group, career, development, manager
26339.5614.5419.0moved, lived, returned, since, years, united states, family, wife, back, life
45639.4111.8812.9elected, member, council, became, party, chairman, national, president, committee, since
2439.3312.5339.4divorce, marriage, divorced, married, filed, wife, separated, years, ended, later
41039.3113.6411.8band, guitar, bass, formed, album, drums, guitarist, john, joined, drummer
30439.1215.3935.7theatre, production, play, played, london, appeared, shakespeare, royal, stage, directed
37338.9814.5911.1comics, series, marvel, work, published, comic, story, artist, issue, began
24138.9612.3540.3series, episode, role, season, cast, appeared, drama, starred, television series, abc
41938.7414.2132.5news, anchor, network, joined, morning, reporter, nbc, became, abc, cbs
39538.712.499.8company, computer, founded, software, design, development, new, game, technology, digital
21938.6815.4411.2camp, war, arrested, prisoner, prison, captured, german, died, released, sent
39438.679.864.2air force, air, base, command, assigned, commander, staff, operations, headquarters, chief
43438.6214.6713.5shot, killed, police, home, two, car, death, attempt, murder, -year-old
35938.5714.5621.9married, personal life, daughter, born, son, divorced, actress, children, since, wife
25238.5213.4537.1appeared, bbc, played, series, drama, episode, role, television, starred, itv
33738.4715.4913.4france, returned, germany, left, fled, family, exile, return, united states, went
23438.4212.409.9editor, magazine, newspaper, became, journal, founded, published, weekly, literary, review
24938.415.099.8expedition, first, mount, north, made, pole, summit, mountain, south
26638.3711.0431.5show, radio, bbc, breakfast, bbc radio, presented, presenter, programme, presenting, sunday
24738.3713.0416.9exhibition, exhibited, paris, art, de, exhibitions, work, international, exposition, works
7238.3514.2114.1europe, tour, visited, made, trip, united states, returned, traveled, spent, india
20238.3111.8210.6county, appointed, judge, elected, court, served, attorney, became, district, office
11838.2415.2917.0citizen, became, citizenship, united states, american, u. s., british, granted, since, canadian
47638.1615.283.3season, team, game, players, coach, play, football, said, nfl, player
26738.0415.748.7irish, ira, republican, ireland, dublin, ulster, army, belfast, northern ireland, member
34737.914.8243.2broadway, musical, production, role, theatre, played, play, appeared, stage, revival
32737.8812.4640.2celebrity, appeared, dancing, series, show, stars, reality, season, contestant, come
22137.8513.5236.6line, launched, fashion, brand, collection, clothing, company, new, called, design
1637.8216.8312.6race, horse, stakes, racing, jockey, derby, win, cup, rode, first
13537.7410.861.0command, division, battalion, promoted, commander, st, brigade, nd, regiment, rd
2537.7313.6229.5film, released, video, appeared, movie, song, directed, dvd, made, documentary
4837.5114.0227.4festival, performed, show, comedy, edinburgh, jazz, fringe, played, appeared, music
4537.4212.384.1battle, japanese, attack, forces, operation, enemy, led, command, german, war
35337.4112.3516.2opened, street, restaurant, moved, studio, store, first, new york, shop, called
737.4113.5936.4charity, raise, children, foundation, money, campaign, awareness, cancer, funds, work
27837.410.5720.7news, award, reporting, coverage, war, correspondent, covered, press, awards, national
1137.3812.1612.5research, hospital, became, university, institute, department, medicine, director, laboratory, medical
18137.3613.4612.9position, returned, university, work, teaching, left, took, leave, school
31637.310.261.6battle, command, army, brigade, campaign, division, confederate, virginia, general, gen.
32537.2816.2446.5role, appeared, episode, starred, played, series, sitcom, television, show, guest
12936.9519.763.6played, match, england, club, team, player, c., f., game, xi
41336.9514.0126.1video, youtube, website, launched, new, online, called, channel, videos, began
43236.9315.5546.8role, cast, soap opera, series, character, show, joined, played, returned, announced
25536.8617.7415.0school, buddhist, founded, first, japan, india, became, training, master, karate
28836.7715.1138.2films, film, appeared, television, roles, career, made, including, several, since
9636.7513.8920.4year, named, award, awards, awarded, year award, sports, coach, athlete, received
46936.7314.7510.4business, company, father, moved, family, sold, started, returned, began, became
46036.6822.0224.9married, born, daughter, son, wife, former, died, family, moved, william
20136.615.9531.3married, mother, family, wife, two, home, returned, time, met, died
46536.4213.5816.8returned, work, family, decided, time, left, moved, back, home, return
12036.3715.9126.2concert, hall, orchestra, made, debut, performed, london, performance, concerts, symphony orchestra
4036.2812.472.4command, naval, served, fleet, commander, hms, navy, uss, squadron, aboard
49736.2710.5417.9magazine, editor, became, writer, publishing, work, left, career, worked, publisher
6136.2612.4534.0film, starred, appeared, directed, starring, alongside, played, movie, comedy, role
5836.1411.4130.3film, success, received, released, role, reviews, box office, critical, first, career
32136.1216.0925.9olympic, team, summer olympics, olympics, games, olympic games, london, first, committee, winter olympics
3136.119.9531.8show, series, television, comedy, channel, network, tv, called, hosted, appeared
3836.0912.6039.6released, album, songs, new, recorded, song, first, christmas, single, two
3636.099.103.0college, staff, army, war, school, officer, command, course, naval, promoted
16836.012.175.3river, expedition, fort, near, led, territory, indian, lake, company, chief
41535.8913.2719.2poker, appeared, game, featured, commercial, television, series, sports, campaign, video game
21235.710.575.3coach, head coach, university, coaching career, hired, coaching, assistant, assistant coach, high school
435.548.684.0career, retired, coach, season, football, club, coaching, playing, became, returned
19735.5119.3626.0died, father, mother, age, wife, cancer, son, death, two, later
7635.2914.1713.8jazz, band, recorded, recording, orchestra, album, joined, played, records, blues
2335.2710.4014.1founded, group, member, became, artists, society, together, art, association, joined
49335.2313.4820.3wearing, black, white, show, made, man, red, day, appeared, first
15735.1910.4116.4company, founded, music, entertainment, group, formed, management, started, co-founded, agency
19335.110.5231.0married, personal life, ceremony, wedding, girlfriend, california, church, former, private, wife
28334.9116.4313.6married, daughter, born, family, mary, son, john, st, william, church
4634.8413.4911.0guitar, album, bass, played, playing, released, guitars, used, music, first
17134.8113.4916.7record, race, set, time, marathon, world, first, speed, minutes, hours
22834.713.6613.8john, william, met, became, school, work, london, james, henry, a.
24034.5611.8939.2award, awards, best, nominated, film, television, received, role, work, star
21634.5412.0811.7arrested, charged, police, driving, assault, arrest, charges, possession, incident, two
39634.5212.9035.5concert, performed, held, live, song, music, tour, invited, festival, show
3334.4410.0722.1released, album, band, produced, recorded, recording, songs, records, solo, albums
27534.3812.1729.5tour, toured, uk, europe, band, summer, united states, support, act, performed
40434.3415.4412.3church, became, school, mission, st., missionary, religious, society, college, work
1734.289.9412.3years, became, position, moved, later, returned, appointed, two, school, london
7434.1711.1135.3song, album, released, appeared, featured, film, vocals, single, soundtrack, track
14134.1511.0113.0wrestling, match, championship, wwe, tag team, defeated, world, title, made, raw
40333.7411.8710.4flight, pilot, first, flying, aircraft, air, aviation, flew, fly
2033.6114.2717.6club, team, coach, became, golf, soccer, professional, national, basketball, played
6933.5610.995.0team, racing, car, season, race, formula, grand prix, driver, championship, series
44133.3411.4336.2best, award, year, album, awards, nominated, artist, music awards, song, received
32633.2212.4025.5club, met, moved, los angeles, left, california, new york, show, hotel, began
37433.198.7349.9birth, gave, daughter, son, born, first child, named, wife, announced, baby
4933.149.9334.9released, announced, album, release, new, will, working, studio album, new album, via
44033.1311.395.0company, business, firm, became, partnership, father, joined, partner, brother, moved
21833.015.0126.4married, daughter, born, met, von, son, de, became, later, family
44832.984.507.9retirement, announced, retired, season, end, retire, football, due, injury, career
13932.959.527.8final, k-, world, round, championship, tournament, first, lost, world championship, darts
13632.899.4920.4band, left, group, tour, announced, album, due, solo career, member, new
8032.8210.566.8series, racing, race, nascar, season, races, speedway, car, cup, team
9332.6411.9737.7theatre, company, london, opera, played, role, appeared, play, gilbert, stage
31432.5610.2015.1tour, open, championship, pga tour, finished, tournament, event, poker, win, first
38332.3612.1235.6de, la, el, released, album, song, del, first, telenovela, singer
20632.3410.8312.6editor, newspaper, became, daily, news, joined, reporter, career, moved, worked
36632.328.1912.0thesis, received, university, phd, dissertation, doctorate, degree, ph. d., completed
4732.1517.6920.7census, living, married, wife, time, moved, family, united states, born, mother
44732.138.0821.1film, directed, films, first, made, director, produced, career, began, wrote
9932.010.4514.2team, former, john, friend, show, season, back, van, first, left
35231.911.8611.3tied, chess, tournament, took, championship, chess championship, match, behind, played, title
34131.8723.3230.5prince, princess, king, married, born, duke, father, marriage, ii, death
38031.8510.9822.4records, signed, label, recording, music, record, contract, recorded, released, first
17531.8515.3125.4name, changed, married, surname, adopted, family, converted, born, mother, legally
28631.668.4740.4opera, debut, made, sang, la, role, di, metropolitan opera, company, teatro
33331.5810.8024.6bbc, television, news, radio, career, joined, became, worked, presenter, broadcasting
8331.2710.7637.3released, chart, number, album, single, top, billboard, hit, charts, no.
27031.2710.422.3awarded, cross, medal, service, distinguished, received, honor, military, iron cross, knight
2131.1510.3425.3team, curling, championship, championships, tournament, canadian, finished, final, third, played
19131.069.674.7war, army, returned, service, served, discharged, wounded, military, world war i, france
29830.939.8222.7music, album, released, rock, band, songs, new, since, began, group
10330.910.2420.1degree, master, university, received, earned, bachelor, graduated, school, college
40230.7711.7637.3film, films, directed, made, movie, first, role, khan, debut, tamil
47330.737.7544.8relationship, personal life, married, dating, began, engaged, announced, actress, met, became
18330.739.831.0infantry, civil war, regiment, army, enlisted, served, company, colonel, captain, volunteer
39930.579.571.8match, game, season, goal, player, team, final, sent, card, red
30230.4511.8331.1ballet, theatre, company, dance, theater, joined, school, became, opera, royal
11230.4310.3450.0magazine, cover, issue, appeared, featured, playboy, edition, photo, nude, sports illustrated
7830.384.350.6signed, minor league contract, season, spring training, released, free agent, minor league, deal, waivers, claimed
19930.3411.1510.1moved, california, family, county, gold, near, texas, territory, missouri, colorado
25630.2713.0748.5show, season, talent, judge, appeared, series, x factor, idol, competition, american idol
40130.097.4414.5match, championship, defeated, wrestling, tournament, tag team, japan, win, title, de
11729.999.7443.7film, films, role, pictures, hollywood, contract, appeared, made, career, signed
33529.978.6744.8film, role, played, starred, appeared, directed, alongside, starring, first, opposite
45829.888.5316.8paris, art, met, work, became, first, exhibition, artists, de, painting
49929.74.257.5ufc, faced, fight, face, vs., expected, bellator, via, strikeforce, debut
20929.666.8110.3suspended, positive, banned, doping, drug, suspension, test, season, team, ban
22929.658.4610.9suffered, injury, left, accident, right, leg, injured, season, career, game
8129.6211.8012.7arrived, australia, ship, left, england, returned, sailed, family, new zealand, arriving
11329.538.2348.7married, personal life, met, actor, actress, singer, later, son, born, since
33029.328.0028.8hit, song, album, released, recorded, single, love, top, first, n't
41729.134.791.3signed, contract, million, season, free agent, re-signed, worth, agreed, deal, -year
43728.9610.3746.8song, eurovision song contest, festival, eurovision, performed, final, contest, part, participated, represented
19528.515.656.7title, fight, round, champion, fought, lost, decision, first, defeated, knockout
15828.37.192.7test, season, runs, wickets, match, england, played, scored, made, innings
30928.34.473.2season, games, record, led, hit, played, career, finished, league, home runs
48128.295.7810.1married, children, two, daughters, three, sons, personal life, daughter, four, son
16228.275.051.7game, hit, home run, inning, world series, series, two, win, made, first, played, season, signed, career, baseball, team, professional baseball, minor league, playing
39228.197.1033.1released, album, song, single, featured, featuring, music video, titled, track, mixtape
17028.066.3334.0released, album, single, studio album, second, debut album, titled, second album, ep, records
35128.046.128.4grand prix, season, race, finished, championship, stage, team, win, second, tour
27927.764.450.9traded, along, exchange, season, trade, pitcher, later, sent, player, named
23027.67.004.1final, cup, played, win, season, scored, club, team, cup final, side
31527.524.752.1signed, contract, season, one-year contract, free agent, team, nhl, returned, club, played
28927.375.661.3club, season, contract, released, manager, end, signed, left, however, players
20327.345.147.2world cup, squad, played, fifa world cup, cup, scored, match, tournament, final, matches
32327.35.391.8club, moved, played, joined, season, two, years, left, appearances, signed
16427.056.6220.7published, first, literary, poetry, magazine, poems, writing, career, began, work
7527.044.4212.5university, received, ph. d., degree, earned, phd, master, california, physics
11627.037.5128.1career, moved, pursue, decided, left, began, acting, full-time, music, los angeles
34027.014.109.6married, daughter, family, mary, personal life, elizabeth, children, john, marriage, william
40726.975.393.8season, captain, number, named, club, team, squad, shirt, following, given
12726.884.734.2season, signed, club, joined, contract, announced, play, end, sydney, team
13226.875.040.8game, touchdown, season, nfl, yards, first, week, pass, field, -yard
30126.877.5414.2band, joined, formed, guitarist, group, drummer, called, left, member, bassist
24526.755.1215.7season, injury, due, however, back, injuries, play, games, year, team
15626.733.291.1signed, season, played, nfl, released, canadian football league, cfl, team, football league, toronto argonauts
38426.715.051.6signed, contract, club, season, end, released, announced, new, left, joined
49626.74.3323.3married, personal life, wife, since, former, personal, statistics, girlfriend, born, son
31826.575.231.7ordained, priest, seminary, priesthood, theology, theological, college, studies, rome, church
9426.544.412.9named, season, all-star game, selected, pro, all-star, bowl, year, award, team
18226.525.464.9game, scored, points, nhl, goal, first, win, stanley cup, playoffs, finals
17726.475.330.7signed, joined, town, side, united, club, season, league, city, released
21026.473.761.1season, made, roster, major league debut, starting, called, spring training, disabled list, triple-a, designated
37726.455.417.7joined, career, service, department, worked, police, began, office, became, officer
36526.395.932.7squadron, flying, no., raf, pilot, training, officer, posted, joined, promoted
9726.385.9236.6released, records, signed, label, music, album, debut album, release, record, deal
46826.326.741.1made, played, debut, county, match, came, season, list a, cricket, first-class
42026.314.473.3season, injury, suffered, surgery, missed, games, knee, game, left, placed
16726.294.876.9signed, professional, season, played, soccer league, usl, moved, league, joined, team
23126.269.655.1hockey, played, season, hockey league, team, junior, cup, career, playing career, playing
11926.27.2048.8film, drama, role, played, starred, first, movie, made, love, cast
36226.039.6532.5competition, international, prize, awarded, first, award, contest, festival, awards, national
23725.953.706.4signed, nba, league, season, played, summer, team, basketball, waived, contract
25725.924.162.5england, played, wales, tour, ireland, made, match, scotland, six, squad
8825.894.8735.4marathon, championships, athletics, time, iaaf, race, finished, world championships, world, half
42925.884.361.8season, starting, quarterback, starter, team, back, signed, position, games, backup
15125.837.1159.8fashion, model, show, campaign, week, appeared, face, career, became, modeling
26425.813.4711.1law, university, graduated, received, school, law school, degree, law degree, earned
45325.75.451.6club, de, season, signed, played, returned, two, team, joined, moved
43525.592.400.9released, waived, signed, practice squad, season, re-signed, team, placed, roster, final
225.584.5024.2married, met, personal life, student, wife, college, moved, family, later, daughter
14025.525.6736.5summer olympics, competed, olympics, team, finished, event, final, world championships, olympic games, time
16025.474.293.7bar, admitted, law, practice, called, commenced, studied, began, career, practiced
22225.364.352.1season, goals, club, promotion, scored, league, team, division, scoring, finished
14825.344.412.7signed, club, fc, moved, joined, season, side, contract, summer, played
21525.334.506.3squad, england, selected, australia, tour, new zealand, team, named, test, series
47525.327.523.0medal, team, championship, hurling, senior, title, munster, final, all-ireland, cork
35825.27.3711.4joined, became, member, party, communist party, movement, youth, socialist, student, organization
3925.186.1233.4world cup, world championships, finished, winter olympics, event, championships, team, world, first, slalom
41225.114.185.4mls, fc, draft, made, overall, signed, season, professional, selected, major league soccer
21325.13.931.8signed, club, fee, joined, transfer, million, deal, side, move, signing
36425.064.470.9scored, goal, win, first goal, season, victory, first, club, home, scoring
23825.052.510.3signed, undrafted free agent, professional career, practice squad, nfl draft, jacksonville jaguars, undrafted, new york jets, detroit lions, free agent
27124.928.1818.7art, school, studied, design, painting, institute, academy, college, graduated, fine arts
29324.914.747.0draft, traded, pick, selected, nba draft, overall, drafted, round, first, nba
12124.774.547.7player, year, season, named, award, best, awarded, year award, voted, team
37124.723.382.4victories, shot, victory, first, aerial, flying, squadron, aircraft, scored, two
32024.684.401.8season, team, first, regular, place, played, made, club, starting, back
26924.64.302.5played, grand final, season, nrl, made, origin, debut, club, state, super league
29024.564.644.7games, season, goals, points, scoring, assists, played, scored, team, league
11424.57.326.0championship, formula, racing, series, team, season, car, british, three, career
16624.444.985.0club, play, season, team, national team, signed, squad, player, coach, summer
33124.333.891.0season, ahl, games, played, nhl, affiliate, made, signed, american hockey league, traded
28024.234.791.6scored, goal, made, win, match, debut, club, first goal, season, first
29124.215.5720.5team, national team, member, played, national, united states, summer olympics, cup, women, u. s.
14624.154.6127.6championships, gold medal, summer olympics, kg, world, bronze medal, games, team, silver medal, final
36124.078.1613.5de, paris, studied, studies, university, study, graduated, france, school
21124.044.551.6season, appearances, goals, made, scoring, club, scored, played, games, two
38223.923.212.0season, league, played, games, triple-a, spent, began, double-a, promoted, hit
49423.875.634.3club, team, season, career, league season, league, chinese, china, within, squad
23223.684.521.3club, signed, season, serie b, serie a, left, team, joined, loaned, played
43823.674.2117.6career, began, working, worked, moved, radio, started, work, job, first
42423.654.6935.8first, reached, open, singles, lost, doubles, round, final, australian open, tournament
2723.585.3910.3career, professional, made, boxing, debut, turned, professional career, pro, mixed martial arts, mma
14523.354.169.1university, studied, studies, study, berlin, law, received, doctorate, graduated
35523.334.761.0yards, touchdowns, season, rushing, record, receptions, touchdown, passes, games, game
37023.224.402.2season, played, afl, round, games, made, goals, club, debut, football club
7123.113.811.7games, tackles, season, played, started, sacks, two, recorded, three, team
12622.983.765.7made, debut, international career, national team, friendly, england, friendly match, international, scored, win
23622.943.9711.0graduated, university, institute, degree, moscow, studied, faculty, school, department, engineering
29422.843.820.8loan, joined, season, side, signed, month, club, league, end, two
29522.674.333.6joined, enlisted, army, served, world war ii, united states army, years, corps, service, u. s. army
28122.625.318.1worked, career, company, work, working, moved, began, joined, became, school
46222.425.1117.6team, canada, tournament, played, championships, games, world, gold medal, play, ice hockey
12522.271.1917.6graduated, bachelor, degree, university, received, college, attended, earned, b. a.
17622.264.351.0made, debut, substitute, defeat, win, season, coming, club, draw, away
12822.183.0512.4college, graduated, university, degree, oxford, cambridge, bachelor, educated, studied
43321.963.9532.7championships, record, indoor, track, athletics, time, national, set, field, metres
25121.924.960.8royal, joined, commissioned, regiment, army, served, battalion, lieutenant, second lieutenant, enlisted
46721.891.830.2drafted, nfl draft, round, professional career, draft, overall, selected, major league baseball, pick, first
45521.896.8022.0music, studied, conservatory, composition, school, piano, graduated, studies, study, began
17221.754.9176.9miss, pageant, title, usa, miss universe, beauty, held, teen, crowned, competed
17421.673.2528.1graduated, school, college, university, graduating, attended, degree, high school, music
18721.672.492.4graduated, commissioned, training, second lieutenant, naval, class, school, academy, officer, army
13121.32.001.2nfl draft, season, professional career, nba draft, nfl, play, draft, college, considered, combine
39321.274.6921.0band, began, career, first, music, group, joined, formed, moved, started
31121.016.7548.6made, career, film, role, first, debut, began, television, acting, age
33920.82.5511.0graduated, college, attended, school, high school, university, graduating, born, member
1920.652.077.8team, ncaa, game, led, season, championship, played, record, state, points
45720.622.017.5named, year, all-american, player, team, conference, award, first-team, season, first team
8520.612.9513.7born, canada, moved, ontario, family, toronto, university, montreal, college, emigrated
6420.515.3427.8championship, junior, amateur, title, championships, national, champion, career, became, u. s.
620.373.717.0played, team, made, career, debut, australian, cup, playing, club, side
35020.234.1351.5championships, competed, -metre, all-around, swimming, team, world championships, freestyle, individual, world
42619.742.267.8university, college, played, high school, attended, graduated, college career, career, football
30719.192.057.1under-, u-, team, championship, international career, played, squad, uefa, european, football
4218.51.270.7overall, nhl entry draft, drafted, round, selected, playing career, draft, nhl, nd, first
29218.132.411.9career, club, began, started, youth, born, joined, signed, made, playing career
49218.00.6715.6high school, graduated, attended, graduating, school, born, early life, class, grew, california
36717.9212.2214.7family, born, moved, united states, emigrated, immigrated, biography, germany, father, israel
2617.524.1614.7school, high school, college, graduated, education, attended, passed, entered, age, years
13314.910.8713.4school, college, born, educated, attended, london, early life, grammar school, education, england
12412.787.4023.1father, mother, family, moved, died, parents, school, death, age, left
17312.517.9922.8career, began, age, born, started, playing, first, biography, family, club
4899.137.4413.9moved, family, born, parents, attended, early life, county, high school, united states, biography
630.010.3229.5born, known, american, singer, best, musician, english, actor, songwriter, producer
320.010.323.7born, american football, former, currently, national football league, american, free agent, nfl, coach, player
4870.00.3234.8born, known, singer, actress, actor, italian, french, composer, writer, german
2040.00.324.5born, former, played, plays, australian, irish, scottish, english, currently, footballer
980.00.3215.0born, early life, biography, son, education, county, career, life, early years, john
730.00.3214.6born, early life, biography, family, life, education, village, career, district, early years
790.00.322.9born, plays, footballer, currently, club, former, midfielder, retired, known, football player
2850.00.3221.9born, american, author, writer, known, journalist, artist, british, professor, activist
1840.00.3216.6born, politician, former, member, american, british, state, district, canada, businessman
540.00.3217.9born, american, professional, currently, former, retired, player, canadian, playing, plays