(my philosophy: don't let schooling interfere with your education)

Educational Background

MS+PhD, Statistics & Machine Learning (2010-15) - (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) CMU, Pittsburgh
        CGPA 4.15 (scale of 4; A+ = 4.33)
        Awarded Doug Beeferman Fellowship (2013-14)
        Awarded Department's Best TA award (2013-14)

BTech, Computer Science (2005-09) - (Indian Institute of Technology) IIT Bombay
        CGPA 9.44 (scale of 10; A+ = A = 10)
        Department Rank 3 (out of 60), Institute Rank 9 (out of 600)
        Awarded Inlaks Full Scholarship (2006-09) for the best all-round student (out of 600)

Senior High, Science (2005)
        Central Board of Secondary Education - 97.4% - All India Rank 10 (out of 500,000)
        IIT Joint Entrance Exam All India Rank 47 (out of 500,000)
        Invited by Indian Prime Minster's Office to view Republic Day Parade from PM's box

Work Experience

Gatsby Neuroscience Unit (UCL), London, UK (Summer '14)

Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK (Summer '12)

Tower Research Capital, Gurgaon-New York ('09-'10)
        High-frequency Algorithmic Trading Strategies (Options, Futures)

Deutsche Bank, Bombay, India (Summer '09)

INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France (Summer '08)

LaBRI, Bordeaux, France (Summer '07)

Relevant PhD Courses - (C)redit, (A)udit, (T)eaching (A)ssistant


Intermediate Statistics (Larry Wasserman, F'10, C)
Statistical ML (Larry Wasserman, Aarti Singh, S'11, C)
Advanced Probability (Jing Lei, S'14, C)
Advanced Statistical Theory (Chris Genovese, F'13, C)
Advanced Data Analysis (Cosma Shalizi, S'13, A)
Statistical Modeling Seminar (Ryan Tibshirani, Rob Kass, F'11, C)

Machine Learning

Advanced Optimization & Randomized Methods (Alex Smola, Suvrit Sra, S'14, A)
Convex Optimization (Ryan Tibshirani, Barnabas Poczos, F'13, TA)
Convex Optimization (Geoff Gordon, Ryan Tibshirani, F'12, TA)
Information Processing & Learning (Aarti Singh, S'12, C)
Learning Theory (Avrim Blum, S'12, C)
Data Mining & Databases (Christos Faloutsos, F'11, C)
Machine Learning (Aarti Singh, F'10, C)

Computer Science

Spectral Graph Theory (Gary Miller, F'11, A)
Randomized Algorithms (Avrim Blum, Anupam Gupta, S'11, C)
Game Theory (Teddy Seidenfeld, S'11, A)