15-812: Programming Language Semantics (Sp'18)


DateLecture NotesExtraDue
Thu01/18Denotational Semantics: Compositionality&Full Abstraction1.4
Tue01/23Denotational Semantics: Numerals and Equivalence1.4
Thu01/25Structural Operational Semantics: Small and Big Steps1.4
Tue01/30Imperative Programs2.1,2.3-2.5
Thu02/01Coincidental Contexts2.2,2.6
Tue02/06Semantics of Program Contexts3.4Asst 1 
Thu02/08Full Abstraction and Relating Behaviors3.2,3.3
Tue02/13Dynamic Logic
Thu02/15Nondeterministic Programs: static and dynamic semantics
Tue02/20CoincidencesAsst 2 
Thu02/22Sequence Semantics
Tue02/27Proofs about Programs
Thu03/01Proofs about Loops
Tue03/06Free: No class
Thu03/08Axiomatic SemanticsAsst 3 
Tue03/13Free: Spring break
Thu03/15Free: Spring break
Tue03/20Games and Interactivity
Thu03/22Winning Strategies and Regions pdf White paper 
Tue03/27Winning and Proving
Thu03/29The Miracle of Repetition pdf
Tue04/03Winning Repetitions by Proofs
Thu04/05?Midterm Exam (TBD)Midterm 
Tue04/10Independent Parallel Programs, 7.1,7.3
Thu04/12Auxiliaries and Soundness 7.3,7.4
Tue04/17Functions, arrays, pointers, objects pdf
Thu04/19Free: TBD
Tue04/24Operational Semantics of Deterministic Programs
Thu04/26Type Systems and Type Preservation
Tue05/01Semantics of Parallel Programs, 7.2,
Thu05/03Shared VariablesTerm paper 
The lecture schedule is tentative!

Assignment Schedule

Asst 150Imperative program reasoningTue 02/06
Asst 250Contextual equivalence and full abstractionTue 02/20
Asst 350Fun with gamesThu 03/08
White paper20Project White PaperThu 03/22
Midterm150Midterm ExamThu 04/05
Term paper180Project Term PaperThu 05/03
Sum500points listed

The Assignment Schedule is tentative!
Homework assignments are due at start of lecture on the due day.