I have graduated and this webpage is no longer being updated. To contact me, please use one of the methods below:
email aphillips :at: cmu :dot: edu
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This page was devoted to my life as a rat in the ivory tower of academia. I was a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon's Language Technologies Institute (part of the School of Computer Science). My research was focused on furthering the state of the art in machine translation. As part of this work I released the Cunei Machine Translation Platform which I would encourage you to check out.

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Aaron B. Phillips


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11-734 Advanced Machine Translation Seminar Alon Lavie, Stephan Vogel
10-701 Machine Learning Carlos Guestrin
11-731 Machine Translation Teruko Mitamura, Bob Frederking, Alon Lavie
11-752 Speech II Maxine Eskenazi, Alan Black
11-712 NLP Self-Paced Lab Alon Lavie
11-751 Speech Recognition and Understanding Alex Waibel, Tanja Schultz
11-791 Software Engineering for Information Systems Eric Nyberg
11-722 Grammar Formalisms Alon Lavie, Lori Levin, Alan Black
11-754 Project Dialog Systems Alex Rudnicky, Alan Black
11-761 Language & Statistics Roni Rosenfeld
11-711 Algorithms for NLP Alon Lavie
11-721 Grammars & Lexicons Lori Levin, Teruko Mitamura
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