-by Anshul Gandhi


Written in the Valentine's Day spirit. Very immature poem, but I thought it was worth posting here.

No, I had no one with me to share this poem with :(
Written more in desperation and frustration of the coming (lonely) Valentine's Day, this was composed on 11th February.

Nothing much to it, just simple words in action.


From the day that I saw you

You have been in my heart.

You may not be with me

But I can never be apart.


You have no idea

How important you are to me.

But I could never confess,

Cause losing you was something I couldnít see.


I thought I would never be able to say

Those three eternal words to you.

But if I donít say this now

I might never be able to get them through.


I didnít even know a few years back

Why this day was celebrated,

But now I feel that this is the day

For which I had waited.


I want to give you enough happiness

To fill your entire life. 

If you just tell me once,

Iíll even go through a knife.


For now and forever,

I want to make you mine.

Oh my sweet love,

Will you be my valentine ??