The Sweet Intoxication

-by Anshul Gandhi



The fears fill me up,

As the light fades away,

Creeping down inside me,

All I see is shades of gray.


Clutching at the despairs,

That stuck with me all the way.

One look at you standing in the corridor,

And it all goes away.


Deliver me, from this temptation.

Fill me up, with your sweet intoxication.



The worldís a desert,

Just grains of sand,

Blanks and spaces,

That I just donít understand.


Itís like a crazy dream,

And I canít seem to awake.

Until I hear your voice,

Thatís all itís going to take.


Come on in, make the revelation.

Fill me up, with your sweet intoxication.



Lower and lower,

Till there is no more,

The place of dead silence,

Havenít been here before.


All I can think of is you,

All I want to see is you,

Every breath in my body,

Knows it can only be you.



Lift me up, youíre my salvation.

Fill me up, with sweet intoxication.