-by Anshul Gandhi


- Life is too precious a gift given to us. Its full worth cannot be realized in one lifetime   

  alone. Letís all at least appreciate the ensemble of life as we sway through it.

























































- With every pain, comes a joy. Letís all be thankful for what we have.

  Itís the least we can do.




My best ever work in the poems section. This poem turned out to be more beautiful than I had imagined. The lyrical beauty and the meaning in the poem are immense.

Most of the words were chosen only after a lot of thought. I was having these thoughts in my head and I was just putting them down into carefully chosen words.

It would be better to read the poem slowly, taking in every thing its trying to throw at you. There is a lot of stuff in the poem, but not something that's hard to interpret or has multiple interpretations.

Its quite long but follows a very good path of story-telling along its way.

Very optimistic in its approach, the poem is intended to help the reader regain Faith and to instill the thought that everything happens for a reason.


This poem was written for someone who was feeling quite down and I wanted to tell her that Life is too good a gift given to us. We mustn't lose Hope. Life is itself a healer and in itself, it presents us all with Eternal Hope and Faith. We just can't give up on something this powerful. We must not.


I stir in the merry cradle of life

to a dreamy paradise that enraptures me.

I look at the illimitable paths that lie,

each like a drop of the elixirial sea.


Each so alike, its hard to choose

I have done it so often, but still feels new.

A few random thoughts and I am on my way

Hoping that I will make it through.


The warmth of the sunshine with me

And the cool fresh breeze walking along.

It feels like this was the destined path,

And will take me to where I belong.


Endless joys along the way,

New relations at every turn.

So much beauty all around,

More than I can put in my urn.


A few pits and falls in my way,

Question me on the choice that I made.

But every path would have its roughs,

And either way, I would have to wade.


My memories and my urn are still with me,

And merrier times are waiting ahead.

Why should I list my woes and sorrows,

When I can count my blessings instead.


I have been gifted the boon of life,

the halo that will always be with me.

I have been gifted the nimbus of life,

Something that connects us all with Thee.


I continue to walk on the path I chose,

Ignorant of what will come my way.

Enjoy every second of this walk,

Who knows what comes after today.


My urn will always starve for more,

And there will always be paths that I will pave.

The aisle, the runway, the red carpet and then the Bridge,

That will finally take me to my grave.


But then again He will come,

And give me a new urn to fill,

To take all those I couldnít collect

And those dreams that had to spill.


He will lift me in His tender arms

And put me in a new cradle of life.

New paths, new pits and new turns,

But still will remain The Nimbus Of Life.