-by Anshul Gandhi


My very first poem, composed in the summer vacations at the end of the first year at IITK.

Well, its very naive and not that catchy. But the poem does follow a very neat path. Its about how dreams are turned to reality.

No particular event that this poem relates to. It's just a general thought.


I was floating around
in the forest of dreams,
in the citadel of joy
and the ocean of gleams;

It was so beautiful
it was so ideal,
I knew it was just a dream
it wasn't real;

Lo and behold!
I could feel a force,
"come with me..
follow my course

Do as I tell you,
and you will see
everything will look
the way you wanted it to be"

I did as I was told,
cause I knew it was for me,
at the end, I was so happy
so confident, so glee;

I could have all I wanted
and this was reality,
I achieved it all,
except immortality;

Though it's not a forest of dreams,
it is still a garden of success;
though its not a citadel of joy,
it is still a mansion of happiness;

And though its not the ocean of gleams,
it is still an oasis of lights;
now, I

 am almost done with my life,
I have won all my fights,

But in the end
I have to say,
the force that did this all
was the thing thatís inside of us, each and every day.