-by Anshul Gandhi


MFEO, that's what the poem's all about.

Very short, straight forward, yet very powerful in a few of its lines, especially line numbers 5-6 and 9-10. This was written rather sporadically at a stage of my life where I wasn't in total control and things were just going by me without my attention.

I was kind of disconnected with everything else. But then, that's how the poem was born.


Ask your dreams, isnít  it  true

That I was the one made for you


Ask the angels in the sky

If my love for you could ever die


Ask the soul that lies within you

Is it not the same thatís in me too


Ask the future that lies ahead

Wonít  we be one before we are dead


Ask the sun that shines above

Can he not feel the warmth of our love


Ask yourself and you will see

That you are the one made for me.