-by Anshul Gandhi


This poem has a format of three parts, each broken into 2 + 1 stanzas. The '1' is the repeating type of stanza. It is like the main line of any song.

The optimism in the poem is present but is easily overshadowed by the pessimism of the 1st part. Again, the three parts are the Past, the Present and the Future.

The Past represents the sadness, the Present represents acceptance of the truth and gives hope and determination. The Future represents the optimism and the coming of good times.

The story turns from negative to positive as it passes the passage of time.

The last stanza is the most beautiful one. Overall, this wasn't a poem that I filled in with emotions, it was filled with ideals of hope and faith.


In one way, I was trying to convey that things will improve and that one must have faith. It was more of a message for someone and maybe for myself too.



The world is full of sorrow and pain

Everyone looks for their own gain

Everywhere you look, there’s darkness and despair

No one even bothers to say a little prayer.


Life has lost the value it once had

Everything looks so shady, so sad.

You want to run and hide in fear,

You feel as though the end is near.



But hang on now, don’t lose hope

Don’t give up your faith, you can still cope.

You will have to wait, it is still dawn

And happen what may,  life goes on.



The wrongs that have happened can not be undone

Every battle that you face, can not be won.

But the future is yours and yours alone,

Everything may change, who knows the unknown.


The long night has passed, let it go

The time has come for the sun to show.

The fog is lifting and you can now see

The light up ahead is waiting for you with glee.



Change is inevitable, it had to come

It gives a lot, but takes away some.

Good times have come and the bad ones have withdrawn

And as ever,  life goes on.



Life will go on and a time will come

When you will be rewarded for all that you have become

You will look back then and say to yourself.

“I fought my way through it,  I did it myself”


Sorrow and joy will come and go,

but we must continue to walk our way,

Life is just too very precious to be thrown away.

How can we give up when there is so much at stake,

It is He who gives life and He alone should take.



There are many things that are worth living for,

But life is so beautiful, that it is worth dying for.

Everything that comes, will one day be gone.

But amidst all this,   life goes on.